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MasterDisaster's Painting Thread

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Hi Guys


Welcome to my first EVER painting thread/blog. As many of you many know I've spent many months commenting and offering advice on painting, modelling etc and I figured it was about time I put up or shut up!  :lol:


I've not painted in about 18-24 months for varying reasons but finally I decided to get my ass in gear and start it up. I started with small things to ease myself back into the process so here is what I started with. 


Corpse Counters




I'd decided to work on these because Nicodem is going to be the first crew I paint myself. I made 10 of these using Grave Stones from GW's Tomb King Skeleton kits I've had lying around for a good 10-15 years. Nothing special but they get the job done. Apologies for the picture quality. I've been using my phone. When I get a chance I'll pinch the camera from the Mrs and start getting better quality pictures up. 


After painting up these little bad boys I felt more confident in trying something bigger so I decided to go to Mindless Zombies for my next project. I decided to use Mantic's range of Zombies as they seem about right for scale and there isn't a huge amount of detail to worry about. They are also fairly cheap so in the event something went horribly wrong (Turns out it did with my first batch of 6!) they'd be cheap enough to replace. 


Mindless Zombies







Now I can appreciate this isn't the best work ever seen here on the forum. Not by a long shot but to be honest I think they turned out rather nicely. I decided to give the Army Painter products a go, I started with the Necrotic Flesh Primer (Which is how I screwed up the first 6 by applying WAY to much primer on the models) and then had a go with their Quickshade Dip. I chose to apply the dip with a brush instead so I could control where it went more easily. Only after applying the final layer of varnish and taking these photos had I realized I'd missed one or two mold lines which caused a few 4 letter words to be screamed but I started working on these 8 after cocking up my original 6 and it was quite late at night, I was tired, annoyed and in a bit of a rush. However considering this was my first effort at models in a good long while I'd happily say they are good enough for tabletop quality. Given that these guys came out quite nicely I'm going to start the Punk Zombies next using a similar method I used on the Mindless Zombies. I must admit I'm a little apprehensive as there is way more detail on the Punks but only time will tell. 


Comments. Critique and Advice most welcome! (Be gentle!  ;))


Punk Zombies to come soon. 


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The corpse counters are really nice, simple yet effective. I wish I had those kind of tombstones to make my own :) 


Also I really like your dead skin. Well painted! :) Can't wait to see more from you. Are you painting up the metal or plastic Punk's?

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Thanks for the kind words  :)


I've got the Plastic Open Graves set. I think they look much nicer than the metal models. The plastic ones look more dynamic and I prefer the hair styles. Hopefully they will turn out real nice with the Quickshade I used on the Mindless Zombies. I know dipping can be frowned upon by professional painters however given my work commitments and planning for a wedding that leaves little time for gaming and even less for painting so I opted for a method that's fairly quick and achieves pretty effective results. I've got a few days off at the end of this week so I'm gonna hit the ground running and get my Punk Zombies done, if time allows I'll also have a crack at my Canine Remains and Vulture. 

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I think they came out splendidly, and I am impressed! I am not one to cast stones at the Quickshade from Army Painter. I think it really works well! It's just not something I do. I have painted the same way for over a decade, and it's difficult to get out of one's routine after that long. But I think your models are painted VERY well! I can't wait to see some of the character models!!

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Thanks Monkeyboy30672, I've seen you're painting and it's truly sublime so I appreciate your comments. I'm working my way up to some of the Character models. I'm not the most confident painter so I thought by having this blog to track my progress and get advise or comments would help me build up the confidence to work on some of the more complicated models. I might even have a crack at Toshiro with the Punks this weekend but we shall see where the mood takes me  :D

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Looking good! The blood effect looks really great on these guys. Very well done!


Thanks a lot! I used GW's Blood for the Blood God, it's easier to get my hands on than the other more common Tamiya Clear Red. It was really good fun to use  :)


Looking very promising! More pictures! Considering getting those mantic zombies myself for some mindless ones. It's either that or some kind of very expensive metal ones...in metal. Brr.


Thanks Soundwave, don't worry. I've kinda got me groove back now so pictures will keep on coming to keep my motivated to get this crew done! I've got a fair bit to do yet so it'll keep me busy for the next few weeks. 


Still to Paint I have 


3 Punk Zombies - This Weekend




3 Canine Remains (2 Metal & 1 Plastic)

3 Rotten Belles

2 Nurses

1 Flesh Construct (2 Once I've ordered the guy w. Victim)

Toshiro The Daimyo


I also plan on getting some Ashigaru and Chaiki for this crew as well and that will be me done unless they release plastic Hanged, Necropunks & Crooked Men in the time I'm getting this all painted!  :D

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Alright alright, enough babbling MD, we want the Punk's! 


Patience is a virtue zfiend!  :D


I'll be off work tomorrow and Friday so I'll be starting them tomorrow hopefully to be finished by the end of the day Friday giving me the Weekend to work on the Canine Remains or Belles. 

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Thanks wings, I was tempted to give the skin a few highlights after the Quickshade had dried but after the first batch went wrong and not being not best or most experienced at highlighting I wanted to keep them simple and minimize any damage to the remaining zombies I'd managed to scrape together from the sprues I had. I will probably add more details to the next batch of zombies I work on though. 

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Well here's my first update. As promised I managed to get my Punk Zombies done over my extended weekend. Please let me know what you think. 


Punk Zombies





These guys were pretty fun to paint well that was until I got to the teeeny tiny eyes! That went horribly wrong so I decided to have them all bleeding from the eyes. Damn Wyrd makes small eyes on their mini's! 


I also found myself with a little extra spare time between the Punk Zombies, getting drunk with friends and playing various card games such as Evil Baby Orphanage, Cards Against Humanity and Smash Up so I managed to get these guys done as well. 


Canine Remains




Next up on the table should be either Rotten Belles or Iron Zombies whilst I wait for my 2nd Flesh Construct to arrive. Thanks for looking :)  

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Thanks zfiend!  :D


They came with the Mantic Zombies. I bought what they called "The Gravestalkers Deal" for £14.99 from their online store. It was 12 Zombies (I managed to get 15 off the sprue) 8 Ghouls and the Tomb Stones. Bargain if you ask me!


They aren't made by Mantic though, it appears they are made by a company called Renedra, they have all sorts of cool bits and bobs on their store. http://www.renedra.co.uk/webstore.html

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I'm afraid due to a little blunder on my part there's no update from this weekends painting endeavors. I had issues with the primer on my Belles causing a LOT of the detail to be lost, after trying to strip it and re-apply it I STILL wasn't happy with them so they are going to have to go on the back burner until I get some new ones to replace them. After raging for an hour after this little problem I lost the will to paint and instead went on a killing spree on various games. Hopefully with Easter Weekend approaching I'll have some time to get something painted. 

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