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Missing a Mei Fang body and the replacement is too small


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I don't know if this is the right forum.  Mods, please move if needed.


I recently got the Mei Fang box set and the Mei Fang body was not on the sprue.  Except the foot that touches the debri on the base.  I submitted a request for the replacement piece.  I have since received that piece.  However, when I started putting it together, I noticed that the Mei Fang that I received seems much small than the rest of the pieces.  


The foot that was left on the sprue is as long s the replacement Mei Fang's lower leg (from the tip of the foot to the knee).  Has this happened to anyone else?  I was not aware of any size differences in the Mei Fang set.


Also, the head does not appear to fit the body.


I plan on submitting another request, but I thought I would get some input first.




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I seem to recall that the very first release of Mei box (the Gencon pre-release) had the problem of over-sizing, but I thought that they had all been gotten rid of so interesting that you got one. If that is indeed the case you could probably ask whether they would replace the whole box.

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