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I'm new to Malifaux- how does Gen Con work out?


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I've attended Gen Con the last couple of years and really like what Wyrd has put out each time. I finally ordered a few sets that I thought I would like to play and that friends would enjoy. I've completed painting and assembling one set (http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/98495-doctor-lucky-paints-1st-crew-done/) and will be getting the other two done by Gen Con. 


So how does it work? Are things mainly event based (with tickets and such) or is it set up as more of a "come and play with us" in the miniatures room. Last year I watched a couple guys play and they were nice enough to explain the game as they pummeled each other. 


I'm thinking I remember a "Learn Malifaux" type event and I will sign up for that, but I guess I am asking if the miniatures area is newb friendly or more competitive? My local store doesn't run Malifaux and I'd like to learn from players than just the rule book and an event or two, but I wouldn't want to show up and ruin someone's afternoon by not knowing the subtle strategies and nuances well enough to play a great game. 



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Wyrd usually has both ticketed events and free events. The ticketed events will typically be the Tournaments, long demos and the "Speed Dating" type events. They do also usually have an open gaming area as well. That will be free and as I recall had an achievement sheet that went with it.


Sadly this will be the first year I wont be able to attend (Stupid Annual Training) in the last 4 but I believe Wyrd will have a larger footprint this year (they have grown each year).


At any rate check out the GenCon events listing to see what is available and be sure to buy quick as the ticketed events tend to go rather quickly.

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Doctor Lucky, I would suggest that you buy the ticket NMN1459401 "Malifaux Achievement League". It lets you get points for playing games versus as many different opponents as you can fit in, as well as points for meeting the Wyrd Employees and wearing a costume. Great Fun can be had with this one, and it's not a tournament, so there are no set times or opponents.



Also, watch your sight lines, and don't get caught alone in a room somewhere. Lest someone feed you some Bad Cream or whack you with the Shoe Spoon.

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