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Rules query- Convict Gunslinger and Punk Zombie


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The convict gunslingers action “Puppet Roulette” states that after this puppet hits with an attack you may choose to flip a card from your deck etc. If you decide to use this ability- does the enemy puppet suffer a rip (even if you fail the action) or is it all or nothing (i.e. if you use the ability and succeed the enemy puppet is torn apart- if you fail- you’re turn apart and no impact on the enemy puppet).


On a related note- I assume that a successful Roulette (or Sense Stuffing, or Disassemble) can tear apart puppets with multiple stitches remaining even if they have an ability or upgrade that states “This puppet cannot suffer more than one Rip from a single attack” – e.g. the Punk zombies “Strong Stuff” upgrade. My reasoning here is that actions that allow you to “tear apart” an enemy puppet- and do not refer to extra (more than one) rips (unlike the powerful +1 effect).


A clarification regarding ordering. Again with the Puppet Roulette action against a Punk Zombie which has the “He started it” ability- allowing the punk zombie to perform an attack immediately after suffering a rip. I assume the Roulette happens first- and if successful- the punk zombie doesn’t get a chance to counter attack because it hasn’t suffered a rip (yet)- but gets torn apart immediately (similar to what happens if a punk zombie with only 1 stitch suffers a rip- it is torn apart with no opportunity to use it’s ability as it immediately leaves the game).


Finally- the punk zombies ability indicates it can immediately perform an attack after suffering a rip (assuming it wasn’t torn up). As it doesn’t specify the attack is against the puppet that attacked it- I assume the Punk can attack any puppet in range (which may be >1 if it has upgrades).





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