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another before adepticon sale


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I have huge lots I am selling off because I too am going down to one crew or two before adepticon. I will list what I have and they will be sold in whole crew format. I will also state which ones are painted and have pictures if needed. If bare metal/plastic I will state it too. For some I will NOT include cards due to them being in the wave 2 beta and you can simply download the cards. Any wave 1 models WILL have cards and upgrades that go with that master and henchmen, like the starter boxes. Send me a message here and we can work something out, if anything you will have everything you need for starting malifaux. All ten thunder models are plastic currently. if you will be going to adepticon, just tell me and i will see about meeting you there to drop off personally!! take advantage! 

Special Editions: Miss step w card laminated.
Molly crew + extras: 75$
Molly starter
2x dead doxie
3x drowned
1x necrotic machine
Yan Lo Crew + extras 85$
Yan Lo starter
3x punk zombies (upgrade allows Toshiro to control)
Mei feng crew + extras
mei feng starter (her left leg is missing the foot, it was off the sprue, email wyrd)
Rail golem
3x Metal Gamin
Jacon Lynch Crew + extras 75$
Lynch starter (2 illuminated, lynch, huggy, 1 got lost) - PAINTED
2x beckoners -PAINTED
2x depleted
Mr.Graves (arms not put on so you can choose which to use)
Mr. Tannen
Misaki Starter + extras 75$
Misaki box
2x oiran
3x Ten thunder archers
Zoraida 1e starter box painted and based very well (ask for pictures) 80$
1x voodoo doll totem
Lady Justice 1e starter painted very well, base left black 75$
1x totem
1x guild austriger
2x death marshalls
1x hunter
Mcmourning crew 1e bare metal 75$
3x necropunks
4x canine remains
1x zombie chihuahua
2x crooked men
1x flesh contruct
1x sebastian
Hoffman box + extras 60$
1x guardian
1x peacekeeper

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