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Found 4 results

  1. So I am quite new to the forums, so I decided to make myself a hobby thread of some of the Malifaux models which I have painted. I am still quite new to the game only really starting to get into it a year ago, but have been quite hooked. First is my latest and main crew, Asami. I love painting these models... but am so happy I never have to do anything like Ama no Zako ever again. These were all done mainly with contrast paints which I just love for Malifaux models and then highlighted afterwards. The spiders were the biggest pain in the ass... so many legs!
  2. Upon researching this I'm little confused. Apparently "dept to the guild" does increase blast damage... Anyways. critical strikes are wordes so that only the target get bonus damage. Yasunori has the (0) action Kodoku which forces as minion to perform an attack and the attack gains the following trigger "Wrath of the heavens: If this attack deals damage, this attack deals +1 damage for every VP the target's Crew has, to a maximum of +3". Now, Dawn serpent is a minion with Ca attack "Breathe fire": 2/3/4 Do Dawn serpent's Breathe fire blast markers benefit from Yasunori's "wrath
  3. Hey guys! I wanted to ask for your opinion regarding our new beater model. Is it an almost auto include for you? When do you use him? When not? I'm a little bit unsure. He is a great model on it's own - but TT is , IMO, the faction with the most expensive models. So the model count per game is relatively low in comparison to other factions. Am I willing to spend 12 stones then? I could go by the rule: If there is space for him, take him with you.
  4. Hi Everyone, In my club we have few games after January Errata and including new models. I need to notice that few last realized miniatures are tottaly imbalansed - which ruin game balance "Yasunori" - this enforcer with 12 cc is totaly better then any other model. He is faster, deal more damage then other heavy hitters with same "game role"... I play Neverborn and my best heavy hitter is Nekima but she cost 13, not so fast, deal less damage. Another Overpowered model from new book is "Witchling Thrall" - compare it with Teddy - Thrall is much better but cost 9 !!
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