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Found 7 results

  1. When does the charging model take the 4 damage? As soon as they declare the target of the charge? I'm wondering for cases were the charging model has Blackblood, Finish the Job, Explosive Demise, etc. I could be very important if they die before or after moving.
  2. I have been trying to wrap my head around Yamaziko. She is an unusually cheap henchman at 7ss. She is nimble, giving her a long threat range and making her a good albeit expensive scheme runner. Being able to use (0) Brace makes her able to protect models around her from charges. Her accuracy is a bit on the low side for her price, but her damage spread is surprisingly solid for a Ten Thunders model. She can also put out blasts, though you'll probably have to focus first if that's what you're after. Then there's her defensive stats. She is amazingly resilient against anything that targets WP, and is immune to Horror duels. Her physical resistance is, on the other hand, really low. Df 4, Wd 8 and no other defensive rules means she goes down very quickly if she finds herself inside the threat range of enemy models. My impression is that Yamaziko sounds good in theory, but every time I've tried her she has ended up dying before doing anything important. What's your experience with her? Are there any particular schemes or strategies where you would hire her? What other models does she work well with? In which situations is she worth her cost?
  3. Marat

    Made In Japan

    This time just my new crew. Already played and it's fun.
  4. From the album: Keranis' Ten Thunders

    My current collection, standing in an unpainted GW Wood (wont be unpainted for long though!)
  5. From the album: Keranis' Ten Thunders

    The first Wyrd miniatures, of many, to arrive at my doorstep, and as such, the first to be painted!
  6. Hello world! I'm thinking about getting into Malifaux together with a friend of mine. Looking at those box sets, the Ten Thunder one caught my eyes because I really love the asian flair. Reading more about Misaki, Mistress of the Ten Thunders, she - and the box - becomes even more interesting. The wiki says: "Misaki's box set comes with 29ss worth of models - 3 Torakage, shang, and Ototo. This is a nice basis for a crew, and easy to expand upon. ... There are some support models you could also get. Yamaziko is a 6ss model, which would take your initial crew up to 35 with a single purchase." That sounds reasonable and nice. And even the rest sounds nice as I'm a big fan of melee ... and not so interested in range. So, besides the box and Yamaziko, I'd need a fate deck (I really like the retro one), and a rule book. Questions: 1. Is Misaki a good starter in general? Is she somehow special? Hard to play? Is it hard to get into the game with her? 2. Does the box contain stuff I'm still going to play in 12 or even 24 months? 3. Is Yamaziko a good addtion? 4. Would you build a totally different (starter) crew for Misaki? Why? How? 5. If I get it right, the box and Yamaziko don't add any range weapons to the game. How important is range in this game? Is a crew without ranged options playable? 6. Which rule book(s?) do I really need? 7. Why does Ten Thunder have such a small choice of models compared to the other factions? So new? Does this cause any problems? 8. My friend thinks about the Von Shill box as a starter. Is Misaki vs. Von Shill a bad matchup or somehow boring for anyone of us? Should we think about something different? I'm really looking forward to read your answers, ideas, suggestions!
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