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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I just started playing TTB and I looked slightly into the character creation theory and what kind of XP values you get out of character creation. It basically comes down to: flipping skills with more threes is better XP wise than not. Especially because you get a free trigger which is paid for afterwards. While one might argue that having a diverse skill set (as does the book itself) is better, the same argument can be made for having triggers being more exciting (since Triggers -> me doing new exciting stuff, compared to having a few points in different skills, which just leads me to an AV of a point or two higher on things I could have done already). Anyways, here's some numbers, first of all, here's a table of a single skill flip, how much XP that gives you and what's the chance of that flip. As we can see, a single flip is meant to give you an average of around 13-14 xp, with a few weaker characters, and better characters trailing away. Seems like a very intentional XP Curve for the skills. Generally, a character flips two cards for skills, however. Here's a table with both flips taken into account: This one doesn't seem as intentional anymore, as we have a high chance to land at 26-27 xp, and then ~31, with the values dropped around more randomly. However, taking into account that generally, a character gains 1 XP/session, it means that someone going on the lower end of things (25/26 xp) compared to someone lucking out and getting (35/36) is at a gap of 10 gaming sessions to catch up. While the chance for two players for this to happen fairly low, the chance of having a situation like this in a group of 5 or so players increases quite substantially. Sure, ignoring the xp gap can be rather easy (because it's just an increase of a couple of skills, and being more focused), however the characters on the upper scale also have quite a few more Triggers on their skills, making their characters generally, more exciting to play, because they can do things others cannot. And if it happens to you, you're gonna be playing 4 sessions, just to get that one skill to 3 and get it a trigger, while someone who already has those triggers in, can easily catch up on having a diverse pack of skills. As an illustrative example: John get's a single skill at 3 and a trigger. Greg get's three skills at 1. For Gregg to catch up to John, he needs 6 XP (2 to get a skil lto second level, 3 to get to third, and one more XP to get a trigger). Meanwhile John only needs two XP to catch up to Greg (get two more skills at one). This means that by the time Gregg catches up to John on his skill of 3, John will have gained 4 XP over Greg, which he can spend to further diversify his skill portfolio. Anyways, has anyone thought about this? Do you think this is an issue? Should the characters or XP rules be somehow changed?