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Found 11 results

  1. I have taken a break from terrain building, slapped some figs together and over the Thanksgiving Holiday decided to sling some paint. I wanted to start with the Witchling Stalkers because I had some ideas. I wanted them all different while having something that would tie them together. I have my Jawa Stalker, Shaolin Stalker and Outdoorsman Stalker. I was watching Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise during one painting session and saw the soldiers that marched out with the Full Metal B!#$@& and thought those skulls would look cool on these stalkers. I remember seeing those skull bandanna's around as well. I was nervous to try because of the time I has already spent on them and was concerned about screwing up. I think I got lucky. Anyway here they are. Can't wait to sling more paint on these dudes. Cheers, John...
  2. From the album: Sonnia Criid crew, midnight theme

    Witchling stalkers in midnight theme
  3. From the album: Sonnia Criid crew, midnight theme

    Witchling stalkers in midnight theme
  4. Some of these were painted along time ago and touched up a little. some just have new bases. Varying quality. The Hanged and Jack Daw Witchling Stalkers. Sword idea from this forum. (honestly most of these schemes come from here)
  5. Hi everybody, i'm looking for a Painted lot of a Lady Justice Crew (Lady Justice, The Judge + 3 Death Marshals - Avatar is not compulsory) + 3 Witchling Stalkers and 3 Guild Riflemen. I value all sorts of paint jobs, but I'm definitely looking for a clearance price. Looking forward to your offers
  6. Hi all This is my first post on the forums, and i'm (as the title suggests) quite new to malifaux. I purchased two crews for The Guild faction, Lady J and her Death Marshals and Criid and her Witchling Stalkers (purely based on looks, i mean, cowboy Ghost Riders? who could pass them up!). I go into the game with my older brother, who bought various crews for various factions (Lilith, Mei-Feng, Rasputina and soon to be getting Freikorps). I've played roughly 6 games, a few with him, and a few at my games club that roped me into the game. I've got most of the rules down, and can play full games with little reference to the rulebook, but im having extreme difficulty actually doing well. In fact, i've not won a game yet XD. Partly due to luck, (i've pulled red joker once out of my 6-7 games, and had some awful hands at really important times ) but mostly due to the same thing every game; other crews seem to be able to do some crazy trick im just unable to counter that wins them the game. I got quite frustrated playing against a more experienced player using guild lawyers who held my entire crew up almost all game whilst Lucius sat claiming objectives (Lady J couldnt kill a 4 wound model) . I've also had a problem with Lady J been torn apart by EVERY single thing she has EVER engaged (she hasnt killed a single model yet). Quite frustrated with these dirty tricks, i've come to see my crews as no-where near as good as these tricky crews, as i just cant play them effectively enough to counter them, even when i know what they are doing sometimes. I really just need some help with general tactics and nasty combos to get me started with the crews i have, as playing is fun, but when im annihilated every game by pretty huge margins, its kinda frustrating. Everyone seems to say that The Guild are Jack of all trades, but i'm not really seeing that as a strength when i'm going up against these crews that can always seem to out trick me. If i try to out-shoot, they just move faster than me and close the gap. If i try and melee, i always fluff draws and fail to kill people (Case number 1: Lady J) Some general help would be nice, from anyone more experinced and/or tactically minded, as im signed up for a friendly malifaux tournament set up by the local henchman at my club, and if im gonna do this bad in it, i might as well take my own wooden spoon . Quite a lengthy post, but thanks in advance to anyone who can be bothered to read i and can help me XD Jordan
  7. My friends tricked me into trying Malifaux and these miniatures are a result of that: I'm a long time wargamer but a complete beginner at Malifaux, so I'm not sure the feel of these is correct to the background, but I've heard it's a crazy mix of victorian era, fantasy and cowboys. Any comments are welcome!
  8. So I finnally finished my Sonnia Criid crew. As of now, they are pre-washed. I'm thinking black GW wash on Sonnia and Samael and blue GW wash on the Witchling Stalkers. Here's my Sonnia Criid. I chose to paint her coat red and painted her hair orange. I'm going for almost devilish look and the Wyrd Flame base insert and accessories really gave her the inferno look. I'll probably try to have the outlines "pop" with the GW black wash. Here's Samael Hopkins. He kinda gave me a hard time due to the detail of his clothing. But I think it came out well. The red poncho kept to the "red devil" theme that Sonnia had. Again, I hope to "pop" the outlines with a black wash. My Witchling Stalkers almost became a disaster. I initially painted their cloaks in 1 color (brown) and they came out boring. So I decided to "wash" the lower cloak area with a darker shade of brown and used a tan wash for the upper cloak area. The end product reminded me of an old Jedi robe. The swords I painted with P3 Pig Iron and washed it with Arcane Blue giving a "runed" light saber-y effect. The eyes I decided to color green instead of yellow - I didn't want them to look like Jawas. I'll wash them with GW Blue to hopefully give the blue hue effect. I hope you like my crew. Suggestions and comments are appreciated. I'll post the post-washed models soon.
  9. Anyone willing to sell single Witchling Puppets? My wife plays Sonia and we do have Puppet Wars and she has taken a perverse liking to using our single Witchling puppet on a proper 30mm base (magnatised) to represent created Witchling... We need a few more.
  10. So a friend and i have been playing for a short period of time and the witchling stalkers has the spell, and i haven't found the answer anywhere. (1) Dispel Magic - Remove 1 effect from target model So what is considered an effect because in the little rule book like page 18 or 19 i think it describes effects but i was wondering if you can get rid of most anything at that point because its term referring to anything that changes the state of the model. Example i guess, would it get rid of like any of Pandora's abilities that she has under talents??? Any help would be great thanks!!!
  11. This is probably a moot point, but why were the Witchling Stalkers modeled with two, possibly three weapons options (the cloak could be hiding a pistol on the one who is pointing), when they all get the same stats? Losing the pistol but gaining paired Shattered Runed Blades on the dual sword model looks like it would have been an interesting option for this sculpt without having to change the point value of the model. We do already have to keep track of models based on their picture on their cards, and models like the Viktorias, albeit they are Masters, have separate weapons based on their sculpts, or vice versa, so it wouldn't be any extra book keeping than we already do. That's not to say that we should be able to re-sculpt / customize our own models to change their weapons, but if the official models are going to differ, I do think that their stats should reflect it.
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