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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone. Would love some opinions on how to figure the following out: During the upkeep phase of the end step (p35) most conditions end. It states that if the order of conditions ending is important the first player that turn chooses the order. Can a model only resolve conditions only once per end pahse or can it happen multiple times in the same turn? Neither of these options are directly spelled out in the rules as far as I can see. The situation that prompted my question: Stalker is close to enemy model and both are burning. The stalker will die from its burning condition. So can I (1) choose to first have the enemy resolve its burning (and other stuff) and after that have the witchling explode to put more burning on it. As the other model has already removed burning this turn it stays on to make Sonnia see them for the entire next turn? Or (2) The enemy model removes burning, the witchling explodes putting more burning on my enemy, the enemy now removes burning a second time, repeating until no-one has any conditions left? Your thoughts?
  2. Hi all, I've finally got round to photographing my Guild crew and since I have posted it on Facebook, I though I'd share it with the community here aswell. Hope you like it. Sadly her Sword is broken, It came in the box like that, I've fixed it a couple of times but it breaks when ever I catch it so It's staying like this while I play with it and till I can get round to making a new one. The Goveners Proxy is almost finished and after that next in line is some Guild Guard and Riflemen along with Captain Dashel. If the Guild Austringers don't hurry up and come out, I'll have to resort to making a couple.
  3. From the album: Sonnia Criid crew, midnight theme

    This is my Sonnia criid crew in midnight theme
  4. Bought some Malifaux models a while back because they looked super fun to paint but never got around to them. Just played the game for the first time today and loved it so much I went home and did this little guy: I'll post more as I get them done! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Chris
  5. So, I realized that the Witchling Handler is not rare yesterday. It got me to thinking. How could I maximize the number of Witchling Stalkers produced in a game? Obviously, building a list around a mechanic is at best risky and usually pretty stupid, since it doesn't help with actually completing schemes, and can actively hurt your ability to win the game. But as a thought exercise, I thought it might be fun to throw around some list ideas and see if there is a way to make the optimum list such that you have the greatest number of opportunities to create a witchling. The barriers, as I see them, are this: Condition, and cost. Card manipulation will probably be important. Sonnia Summons one if enemies die within 10 and have burning. She requires 1 SS or 2 Cards to do so. The Handlers have a :tomes trigger that summons a damaged one on killing an enemy. I do not know of any other ways to summon them. So, let's start off with a "burning mania" list. It doesn't help the handler, but it does mean that enemy models are more likely to die with burning. Sonnia +Reincarnation1ss Malifaux Child3ss Freikorps Specialist9ss Witchling Handler8ss +Disrupt Magic2ss Witchling Handler8ss (3X)Witchling Stalker5ss Cache 7 This gives a maximum number of SS to use for creating Witchlings, and every model has a way of putting burning down and doing damage. The disrupt magic on the first Handler will help to keep condition removal from stopping you, as most of those are Ca flips. It has no card manipulation at all, however, and is a bit light on pure killing power. I'm sure we can do better. Thoughts?
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