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Found 4 results

  1. This is something I've been thinking about since a recent 2E game I played. I was running a Gremlin crew led by Somer, and my opponent was running Guild led by Lucius with a Witchling Stalker and a Witchling Handler. The Stalker and Handler get close to Somer and trade strikes, and I get the idea to use Pull My Finger to finish off the handler. My opponent let me know about the Reflect Magic trigger at this point, which gave me slight pause. I wasn't sure if it applied, since Pull My Finger is a tactical action, but it makes all non-gremlins in range take damage if they don't pass a TN 15 Wp duel. I ultimately decided against it once i noticed the Stalker was also in range and could potentially make things worse for Somer and other Gremlins in the area (Damn, Somer, what's in them thar beans?) When I got home later, I downloaded the beta cards to look at the Handler more closely. The Reflect Magic trigger's text states: "After a Ca attack fails against this model, this model deals damage 2/3(boom)/5(boom)(boom) to the Attacker. This damage flip receives a -(negative flip)." Can o' Beans gives two Tactical Actions: Pull My Finger and Warn the Kin. The text for Pull My Finger is: "All non-gremlin models in range must pass a TN 15 Wp duel or suffer 2 damage." Pull My Finger is a CA action, but does it qualify as an attack because it requires models to resist on Wp? I'd like to frame this as a more general situation, because there's gotta be more ways to come across this (Pandora's Inflict comes immediately to mind).
  2. I want to show you the last miniature I have paint. There is a tutorial in my blog, but is in spanish =o , If someone want to help me to translate to english (you only have to read it, and say me what I have write wrong*grin*) Enjoy the pictures.
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