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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all. Can you give me some tips how to play Kaeris? I have a core box, Iggy, Carlos and burning bridges. Thanks.
  2. So... I can't find the model of Carlos Vasquez anywhere... Maybe I'm just out of the loop. Is he even released yet?
  3. Elijah Borgman and Firebranded have the "Promised to the Flame" ability, which "reduce all damage suffered by this model" while it is within 2" of a Pyre Marker. Does this mean that these models take no damage from the Burning condition (or at least Burning up to +3) so long as they are close to a Pyre marker? Is the default damage reduction down to 0 unless otherwise noted (as minimum of 1 damage)? Thanks for the help!
  4. Recently played a couple of games with thematic Kaeris crew, would like to share some thoughts about her and her models. Any suggestions\commentaries are much appreciated) Models, starting with our cheap elemental boi Fire Gamin. Low cost of 4, low Df\Wp stats with the same value (4), and a health to match (also, 4). Nice move of 5, but that's it, no movement tricks of his own. Flaming body is nice, but wont save him for too long, without using his tactical action. Obviously Flameborne and (Demise) Smoldering Heart . Dancing in the Flames - will discuss this ability a bit later, when we get to the Big Boi. Melee - pretty good 1' range 5(Tomes) stat Claws, but with low damage (1\2\4) on Weak\Moderate cards, which means his first trigger (Blaze) can be avoided if target has some shielding or ability to use Stones. Second trigger (Feed the flame) is also built in, can be useful to preserve him a little longer. Ranged - kind of weak projectile attack. Range 8' stat 4. Damage line of 1\2\3 with BLASTS even on Weak . Burning +1 to anybody who's been damaged by that action. Trigger (Blaze) - can give additional burning to damaged models, but is not built in, so it's kind of meh. Tactical bonus action- Pyreheart. By removing a Pyre marker in 3' he Heals 1 and gains Burning +2. Most of the time you'll want as many Pyre markers as possible, so i can't see much use for this ability in 80% of matches. In conclusion- 2 stars out of 5, wouldn't hire it most of the time- those 4 stones can be spent much more efficiently. Our next guest is new to this world- meet Firebranded, a 6 stone rare 3 minion. 6 Health as to be expected, an average Df of 5, but an awful Wp of 4. VERY vulnerable to any Wp targeting ability, Terrifying TN checks won't always go that smooth either. Would be great for that Wp stat to be a bit higher, or at least giving them Ruthless to compensate. Mv is 5. Also not a good sprinter. Abilities - Promised to the flame - Pretty nice damage reduction of 1 if you didn't forget to stand near a Pyre marker. Df\Wp trigger (Ignite) (Tomes) - signature resistance ability for most model in the Wildfire crew., gives attacking model Burning +1 after resolving. It's not built in on this model, but it's perfectly fine that way. Blaze of glory - Awesome ability to get a positive flip on a duel, by lowering the value of Burning on this model by 1. In this case you should be careful- Firebranded will still suffer damage from burning at the end of the turn if you forget to spend it. Melee- Burning Touch- 0" range 5 (Tome) stat. Melee is not their forte. Damage line is 1\2\3, but always gives Burning +1. You can give target some additional burning with (Blaze) ( if you manage to damage it), or, if you flipped Rams and the target is already on fire- deal 1 damage from Burning condition to it, but lower targets Burning by 1. This Ram trigger, Smolder is shared by some other models in this crew, and can be very helpful - most of the attacks with that trigger give burning +1 as part of the action, so lowering it by 1 to deal 1 damage shouldn't be a problem. Ranged - Elemental Bolt. Projectile, Range 10" stat of 5 (Tomes). 2\3\4 damage with built in Blaze trigger. Pretty good attack, but I feel that it should have the same ability as Kaeris - ignoring friendly fire for models with burning. Tactical action - Embrace the flame -Range 6" stat 6 TN 10. A nice healing ability- you may lower the value of burning condition on target and any model within (3) of it. After that, target model heals Wd equal to the total value of Burning you siphoned this way, but no more than 3. Fine utility tool for the team, but Range is a little bit short for mu taste. Overall - a good minion for it's price, with a little problem (Wp 4). Usually hire one and give him Upgrade (Arcane reservoir). Next we have our Good old pal- The Firestarter. INSANELY mobile henchman, with move of 7 and Flight. And Reckless. Be careful with it - 7 Wd and 5 Df\Wp, he wouldn't last for long, even with soulsotones, if you decide to gain that Yummy Fast to often. Ignite Df\Wp trigger - good for him. Not built in- well, can't have it all for free I guess) Pyromaniac - can be pretty useful in some scheme pools- enemy models that are killed by bor...Burning may be counted as killed by the Firestarter. Hot spot - At first this ability seems pretty good - enemy models that Assist their teammates to lower their Burning will suffer 1 damage afterward. BUT to suffer that sweet-sweet 1 point of damage they must be within 6" of the Firestarter. Since the Assist action may be taken within 2' of the model you assist- most of the time that aura will do nothing. You CAN position The Firestarter closer to the enemy lines, but it would almost certainly lead to his untimely demise. The ability is nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not suited for a guy that fragile. Melee- Flaming fury, range 1" stat 5. 2\3\4 damage and Burning +1. Blaze (Tomes) is not built in. Adequate. Would not recommend throwing him into Melee anyway, but if it's necessary- he can deal some damage. Ranged - Conflagration -Range 8" stat 6. It ignores Burning models for the purposes of Friendly fire. Same 2\3\4 damage +1 burning. Triggers are - Blaze(who would have guessed?)) and Flame Wall on Rams. Neither are built in. Flame wall seems strange to me- creating additional Pyre markers is OK, but target must have Burning 3 or greater to do so. Also you can't create them touching other models or markers and Firestarter himself cant move them. Though he can do smf interesting with his last Attack Action , I would prefer his Ram trigger to be Smolder. The last but not the least of his Attack Actions is "Light under your feet" - Range 8"(no projectile) stat of 6 and its resisted with Mv. You may lower targets Burning by up to 4. You may push target a number of inches equal to 2+ TWICE the amount of burning (4 burning max.) . It is a very good push ( from 2 inches to 10). You can use it on your own models. The trigger is also pretty sweet- Draw out secrets (Tomes)- Place a Scheme Marker in base contact with the target. His bonus action is Reckless- Suffer 1 to gain Fast. It is very good, just be careful with it. I like this model very much, he was a great scheme runner is ME2, seems here he can be even better here. My complaints are mentioned above. A guest from the Star Theater- Carlooooos Vaaaasqueees (the one and only, autographs after the show, baby). Henchman, cost of 8, has two keywords - Wildfire and Performer. 8 Wd, 6 Df and Wp 5- overall average for a Henchman of his cost. Mv is 6, which is great. With one of his bonus actions and one particular ability - a very mobile guy. Abilities - Fiery Presence. It gives models (enemy and friendly) Burning +1 when he activates. Good ability, you can boost Burning on your models for their abilities or light up some enemies who ended up to close. Don't mind me- He is a Performer, he can Interact in Engagement. Anybody who played Malifaux should know how useful it is. Butterfly Jump- this ability shines in ME3 right now, though not in the same way it did in ME2. After resolving enemy Attack that targeted Carlos he can move up to 3 . Can save you after smb charged you, can get you into Cover- if you survived the Attack that is. Next two abilities, Fireproof and Playing with Fire work together. With Fireproof you can reduce damage from Burning by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and Playing with Fire says, that when Carlos would suffer damage from Burning, he can give a model in 6" Distracted +1. Since his movement trick (see below ) sets Carlos on fire- pretty neat combo. His abilities are good, no arguing their. Inclusion of the Ignite trigger might be a good idea, but he is fine even without it. Attack actions- Melee - Flaming Baton -range 1' stat 6. 2\2\3 damage with Burning +1 and Distracted +1. Not very damaging, but pretty good. Triggers are not built in, but also nice. We have Blaze(Tomes), Critical strike ( Rams) and Reposition (Masks). Ranged - Breath of fire. Range 6" (no projectile) stat of 6. Target suffers 2\3\4 . Models damaged by this action gain Burning +1. Two triggers, neither are built in- Blaze(Tomes) and Up in flames (Crows). The later can be of great use- It removes all Scheme marker in 2" of the target. Range is rather short, but Carlos can move across the table easily, so it's not that much of a problem. Tactical actions-Two bonus actions, lets start with The Dance of Flames. Stat of 6, TN -11. If successful, Carlos can move up to 5 and gains Burning +1. Great mobility trick, also sets him up for Playing with Fire. Second one, On the Pyre. Bonus action Stat of 6, TN is 12 Tomes. Creates a Pyre marker in 12" . Requires a suit, can be helpful in Wildfire crew, but most of the time I would rather use his Dance to move him around. Another addition to Kaeris crew- Mister Elijah Borgman, Enforcer with the cost of 9. Wd 9, Df 6, Wp 5. Mv 5 is not very good for a model of that cost, but his Melee Attack has 2" range, so it evens things out a bit. Abilities- Promised to the Flame - Damage reduction while he is near a Pyre marker. can be useful sometimes, but requires some set up. Blade rush - Can charge through models and deal 1 damage for that. I'll get deeper into it when we get to his Melee. Ruthless - Good for him, Ignoring Terrifying and Manipulative is much appreciated for a beat-stick with 5 Wp. Df\Wp Ignite- not built in, still can come in handy. Blaze of Glory - good ability, already mentioned it above. Attack Actions- Melee- Greatsword- Range 2" Stat 6. Good damage line of 3\4\5. Triggers are not built in, but he has Smolder (Rams) and Blaze (Tomes). The interesting part is, that this attack gets a positive flip on damage BUT if he didn't Charge this Activation. Kind of weird in combination with his Blade Rush. I don't know if it would be too much to ask for restriction applying only on attacks generated by the Charge, so he can strike second time with his bonus flip. You want to use both to your advantage, but most of the time you can't. It's possible to strike somebody. kill the enemy and Charge after that, but rarely so. Ranged - Immolate - Range 8" Stat 5 Resisted with Df. Target suffers damage from Burning condition equal to the value of it's Burning (5 max) and then lowers it's burning condition by 5. Neat trick, trigger is not built in but good too- Good for a laugh (Tomes) Draw 2 cards and discard 1. Tactical action - Call to the Burning Man ( I didn't knew he had a phone, but OK)- Bonus Action- Stat 6 TN 11- Elijah Heals 1\2\3 and gains Burning +1. Trigger (Rams) Ignition - models in 2" also gain Burning +2. Interesting ability, can give himself Burning for Blaze of Glory, can set enemies of friends on fire- good. My only issue with this guy is that he is an Enforcer, not a Henchman. I gave him Arcanist Upgrade, making him Attuned- works fairly well, but is rather costly. And now, our Big Boi- Fire Golem. He is big. He is elemental. He is ready to start some fires. Cost of 10 - a fair price. Df\Wp\Mv- 5, he has a good movement trick (see his bonus action) so it's his mobility doesn't suffer. 10 Wd- you can't ask for more. Abilities- Fiery Presence - Just look at him. You can argue that Carlos isn't that hot ( and you are right, unless your are a teenage girl) but Fire Boi- He is HOT. Sets models on fire in 2" wehn he activates (Burning +1). Since his base is 50 mm - good chance of Burning multiple models, if properly positioned. Flaming Body- can reduce damage up to 2 by reducing Burning condition on himself, just like his Younger brother Gamin can. Demise (Smoldering Heart)- quite sad if he dies, but at least you have smf to remember him. Flameborne - 0 damage from burning. Dancing in flames - Once per turn. After this model resolves the Walk action it can place a Pyre marker it moved through into base contact with itself. This ability confuses me a little bit. If we are not talking offensive uses for that- it can be helpful, moving markers closer to your models so they can benefit from it. But for offense - you would want to Charge with your Golem, not Walk. Yes, it's a Place effect, and you can place marker under your opponent, but why not just Charge him and deal probably more damage that way? I think Once per turn restriction should stay, but change the Walk into any Move effect. Attack actions- Melee- Flaming Fist - Range 1" Stat 6(Tomes) 3\4\5 Damage +1 Burning. Triggers are both built in : Blaze and Feed the Flame. The second one helps Golem stay Fire and Healthy, giving him Burning +1 for each Tome in the Duel. Ranged - Flame Tornado- Range 8" Projectile Stat 6 TN 12. It's a Shockwave, Pulse 2, Mv 13, Damage 2 and Burning +2. If a model with Flameborne would suffer damage from that , it gains burning by the same ammount instead. A very good action- Tornado your enemies, Tornado your Flameborne friend, Tornado yourself- who cares, do it! On (Crows) you can trigger Burnt to a crisp - remove any scheme markers caught in the Shockwave. Nice. Tactical action - Draw off Flame- Bonus action, range 8" stat 6 TN 12. Doesn't require any resistance. Target a model with burning- Place into BTB with that model. Target reduces her burning by up to 3. Golem gains equal amount of Burning for himself. A very nice movement trick. You can place to your own models. you can place to enemy models, you gain additional burning. Big Boi is pretty god in my opinion, but i don't know if i should use him as a more aggressive melee tarpit of more accurately from range. So ... Kaeris and her totem. Lets start with the Eternal Flame. He is free if Kaeris is your leader, otherwise pay 3 (2+1) for him. 4\4 Df\Wp Wd 3(sic!- but has Armor +2. K? Good? Meh) Mv 5. Not so bad, for a flaming rusty box. Abilities- Armor +2. Even with that would die in seconds, if somebody will try to kill ... which they will, probably. Insignificant - Can't interact , Ignored for Strtegies and Schemes. Heat Exhaustion - During the start phase enemy models with burning gain +1 Injured. Interesting, can be used, but he is fragile and wont last long on the front-lines. Attack action - Melee- Burning touch- Range 0" stat 5. Damage 1\2\3 and Burning +1. Of course it is weak, hi is not some brute with iron fists, his is a more complicated guy. Although. 5 is not THAT bad of a Melee stat ( range 0" still is). Trigger is good (for him) - Rising flames- On Tomes Enemy models within 3 of him suffer 1 damage and gain +1 Burning. Can be possibly used to spank your own models for trigger...but a don't think the opportunity will present itself very often. Tactical actions. This is there the Little guy shines. Let's start with his bonus action Control the Flame - Range 10" Stat 5 TN 10. Place target Pyre marker anywhere within 3" of its current position. Place it under your enemies, make them suffer the effects. And then...Flaming Detonation - Range 10" Projectile Stat 5 TN 10- Target a Pyre marker. Models within 2" of the marker must pass a 13 Mv Duel or suffer 1 damage and Gain +1 Burning. It's a good opportunity to lay some Duels on your opponent. if placed correctly. Little guy is of great help for his Mistress in my opinion. Oh. look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, It's a plane! Nope... It's fire and pain (excuse me) Kaeris- So, our main girl at this crazy pyro-party. 12 Wd, Df 5 (Tomes) Wp 6. Nothing outstanding for a master model, but fairly good. Mv 6 (with flight) - great mobility. No movement tricks other that that, but it is enough. Abilities- Armor +1 - Not much, but good for her. Flight- those wings aren't just for decoration, you know. Df\Wp (Tomes) Ignite- Built in on Df, i don't know why not on Wp. Blaze of Glory- Perfect way to help her with duels- just get some burning first and don't forget to spend it! Run and Gun - May take her Projectile attack instead of Melee than Charges. Very good. Third Degree Burns- key ability. Enemies treat Pyre Markers as Hazardous (Burning +1 Injured +1 ) and may NOT ignore them. Attack actions- Melee - " Up we go!" - Range 2" Stat 3 resist Sz. Teach them how to fly (Unless they already know, you can't target flying models) and than teach them to fall. Damage 2\3\4 and you can place target anywhere within 3" of its current position. A very nice way to grab your target from his safe place and bring them a little bit closer to your friends. Or into Pyre Marker. Or both). Trigger on (Masks) allows you to push enemy models within 2" of the target 2' inches away and also give them Burning +1. Great attack. Unless your target can fly also. Ranged - Conflagration-Range 8" Projectile- Stat 6 (Rams) Ignores burning models for purposes of Friendly Fire. 2\3\4 damage and Burning +1. Smolder (Rams) is built in +1 damage, if the target has Burning +1 (lowers it by one, but Burning is in the attack already). Blaze (Tomes) as usual. Burn it all (Crows)- removes all non-Pyre markers within 2" of the target. Interesting and good. Her offence is average, but with Injured from pyre markers and Burning can be very dangerous. Tactical actions- Bonus action- On the Pyre Range 12 Stat 7 (tomes) TN 11 (Tomes) Creates a Pyre Marker. Trigger on (Masks)- Repeat the process. Nice, you'll need it to set some fires. Fan the Flames - Range 8" Stat 6- Target a Pyre Marker. Push it up to 4" in any direction. Enemy models that came into base contact with it must pass a 12 Mv Duel or suffer 2 damage. Additionally, they get the effect of the marker, since it passed through them. So, band specializes in setting their opponents on fire and benefiting from it. Burning is not a very good damage source early on and can be removed via Assist- so either concentrate on one model and burn it to a crisp, or set them all on fire. Condition removal is a big danger to the crew. Seconded by high armor models, have nothing to deal with those. If anybody read this- send he... I mean Thank you. I understand, that it is not that interesting to read, somebody already wrote it, my English is Horrible etc. But feel free and very welcome to comment, suggest any combos\uses for models. Fro example - I didn't test Iggy ( he has Wildfire Keyword now). Is he good for Kaeris? Is he good at all?
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