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Found 3 results

  1. OK 2 simple questions i couldn't find the answer for: - Frame for murder. If i Alpha one of my opponents figures to kill the opponents frame target. Does he get points or no? - If i Alpha my own wild boar, does the wild boar get the +flip for "on edge" thanks
  2. Hi guys! new with gremlins here. I buy stuff for my collection and recently bought ulix. I want to ask if i need 1 or 2 warpigs and if you find useful the wild boars. Thanks.
  3. When I saw that there is an upcoming release of another Swampfiend model - Wild Boar, I got really excited and started to look for some information, but sadly did't find much. First source was its rather short Pull My Finger entry - M2E Wild Boars. Then some blog posts, which were either Neverborn and discussed all other Swampfiends, or Gremlin and discussed all other Masters. There is also an ongoing discussion in Gremlins - which does contain some general informations useful to a Neverborn player as well and originally I didn't even want to start a separate thread, but writing a reply, I realized that I have too much specific questions. So without further ado... So far what I have seen people usually have all the Neverborn Swampfiends (Bad Juju, Silurids, Waldgeists, Spawn Mother and Gupps) and McTavish and Bayou Gators (Gremlin Swampfiends) - all the Swampfiends there are apart from one... Wild Boars. Why is that? Is it simply because without model with Pork Whisper'n Ability and no Gremlins in general they require extra effort to control due to their Bayou Rampage Ability? Is it because Wild Boars share a role with Bayou Gators, but Bayou Gators are for Neverborn Zoraida just better? Should the title of this thread read Wild Boars versus Bayou Gators? They both were introduced in M2E and so far have not been released in plastic, yet I have seen a lot of proxy models of Bayou Gators and only few of Wild Boars. What is the reason that people hire Wild Boars? For example in Gremlins, why would you hire them over Piglet or War Pig? Looking at the cards, the only reason that comes to my mind is From the Shadows Ability. But Zoraida can give From the Shadows up to three friendly Swampfiend Minions via Hexed Among You Upgrade for a single SS. Wild Boars have On Edge Ability, that gives them to Attack flips they make outside of their Activation, but if you deploy them via From the Shadows they might be outside of 12" range of Zoraida's Obey or not in Line of Sight. Wild Boars are more durable than Bayou Gators (2 more Wd, Eat Your Fill Ability and Eat Anything Trigger), but they are worse at killing things. If you want to kill something, you hire Bayou Gators. If you want models that are more durable, you hire... Waldgeists? If we didn't have Waldgeists to our disposal, would Wild Boars be more viable? I have been listening to some podcast (Sadly I can't remember the name, so I can't give credit for that.) and the guest said that he doesn't really mind that Bayou Gators die quite easily, because they make great Bad Juju delivery system. He then expanded on it saying that, unlike Gupps, they can't be simply ignored and that Silurids, costing 7 SS, are too expensive for that early in the game. 5 SS Bayou Gator deployed via Hexed Among You... Bad Juju delivery system extraordinaire. The only thing that I do not like about Bayou Gator is its Insignificant Ablity. But back to the original topic. Does anybody, please, have any experience with Neverborn Zoraida and Wild Boars? If not, when would you theoretically hire Wild Boars over other Swampfiends.
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