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Found 13 results

  1. Widow weaver has an attack called Seize Prey which says the following: "(1) Seize Prey (Ca 6 / Rst: Wp / Rg: 8): Target a model with 2 or more friendly Web Markers within 3" of it. Discard all Web Markers within 3" of the target. The target gains the Paralyzed and Poison +5 Conditions. Then, place this model into base contact with the target." What happens if the target wins the duel? Do you still remove the Web Markers? I would say no, as it is not something you do to be able to attempt the action, but rather something you do if you succeed with the action. So if you fail, you perform no part of the effect. You do not remove the markers, the target does not gain any conditions and you do not place Widow Weaver in base contact. Do you agree with this?
  2. I have been looking for a Widow weaver for the past six months without any success. I have never found it in any physical store, but that might not be so surprising. But no webstore in Europe that I have found sells it either. It is always out of stock and the date for restock is being pushed forward time and time again. Now I have noticed that some webstores have changed the status to "Unavailable". And as far as I can tell it has been "temporarily out of stock" in the Wyrd webstore as well during this period. Insidious madness seems to share a similiar fate, but I have not looked for that one as much. So what I'm wondering is - are these models not in production any more? Does anyone know?
  3. How terrible is this? Should I drop a summoner? Coppelius needs to gather resources to summon, Myst Emissary needs scheme markers, Wid Weaver and Collodi need the dolls to die for scrap. What are the best things to keep/add for a fun non-master-summoning engine? 4ss cache - Collodi (Breathe Life) Primordial Magic Wid Weaver (Handbag) 3x Wicked Dolls Coppelius Myst Emissary Performer
  4. Hi to everybody! First for all, sorry for all the misspellings that you are going to read, english is not my primary language. I've been doing a bit of theory-faux during this weekend thinking about a Zoraida crew and I was wondering if someone could help me finishing the list. I was thinking in something like this: - Zoraida. Hex bag, crystal ball, fears given form. - Spawn mother. Hexed among you. - Widow weaver. Handbag, pact. - Waldgeist x 2. - Will O' the Wisp x 2. That's 43 SS, so that leave us with another miniature of 4-6SS and a SS pool of 5-7 SS. The idea of the crew is the following: The waldgeists are there to slow the enemy, meanwhile the doll factory starts running leaving the Spawn mother as the last one trying to maximize her perfect camouflage. An ideal secuence for the doll factory would be something like this: - Will O wisp activates and summons a voodoo doll. Voodoo doll hems an enemy. Will O wisp uses his last AP to attack doll (If you are lucky and get a crow Voodoo can get slow) - Voodoo activates near Zoraida and fails the Fears given form duel. - Zoraida activates. Draws a card. Summons a new voodoo doll. Voodoo doll hems an enemy. Zoraida hexes voodoo with prick. Zoraida orders widow exhale terror on vooddo. Voodoo fails the horror duel and you draw another card for inhale terror. - Voodoo activates near Zoraida and fails the Fears given form duel. Voodoo dies ( 2 + 1 + 3 wounds) - Widow activates and summons two wicked dolls. I like the fact that you are summoning AND debuffing your opponent. If everything runs you end your first turn with 2 wicked dolls, a gupps and you have done 4 wounds and slow on a model and 6 wounds and paralized another one. The bad news are that the factory is cards and SS intense; I've been running some tests and usually spend 2-3 SS and end with almost an empty hand (always save a 6+ crow for the spawn mother), the goods new are athat while it's hard to get and ideal turn it's not SO hard to get it ( the SS spent on the drawing phase, the two cards that you draw and the SS to add masks or crow ...) Also, the idea is run the factory only on the first turn, on second turn I think it's better summon just one wicked doll and cast exhale terror on two different dolls. So ...... do you think it could work? What model would you add to the list? (Yep, I know that in Malifaux is a mistake decide your crew before the game, but I feel I don't have enough experience to play it on this way). I don´t want to invest more points on the factory and I would like a model that can run alone and without support, but at the same time I feel that it needs a bit of support to run without problems. So far I've been thinking on Iggy (Incite is a 0 action and you can hit it with the new upgrade and trigger the push), a stitched together (it can support the factory killing one doll with gamble your life and can be used to draw some cards), another waldgeist or mysterious effigy. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I am a new player (less than 10 games in) and I have a few questions. I have Lynch and Pandora sets. Got beaten the other day in a small 35ss game between Pandora and Seamus. It was Sqautters rights and I was doing ok... until the corpse markets dropped and I just didn't have the quantity of models to deal with it... so i wanted to see if this was viable for a small game.. Lynch and Huggy (cheap start for small game) Widow Weaver (with Wicked Dolls and Teddy in reserve) 2 x stitched together Round out with illuminated / depleted/ tots etc. So here is the question... with Stitches being puppets would they drop scrap markers rather than corpse markers? This would deny him summons and allow wicked doll summons? Could then use Weaver to collect corpse markers or even (if lucky) raise a teddy. Does this sound viable or am I wasting resources?
  6. Does anyone know how teddy was summoned around minute 12? It appears that the Widow Weaver summoned teddy but that can't be right. I know The Dreamer can summon a teddy if he has the "Dreams of Pain" upgrade but this player is playing Collodi which I thought can only summon puppets specifically marionettes or wicked dolls. Could someone please share how this teddy shenanigan works, thanks!
  7. I finished my Widow Weaver this weekend and wanted to share with you all. I love the contrast between the pretty dress and the creepy spider-lady wearing it. I hope you like it! I've got several other angles of this creepy beauty over on my blog, Check it out!
  8. I currently own four Masters and most of their related models: McMourning, Nicodem, Seamus, Yan Lo. I mostly play McMourning and sometimes Nicodem, haven't played Seamus outside of Crew Box games for years, and never tried Yan Lo. I don't have any trouble against most Factions with McMourning, but some heavily Wp-focuses Neverborn lists really give me the fits. They usually include the Widow Weaver to reduce my already mediocre Wp and one or more Teddies which they can easily move into my face (via pushes from Daydreams or Tangle Shadows), thus usually getting the alpha strike on me and tying up my forces so I can't deal with the Weaver who just makes my Wp lower and lower, until the Horror Duels and their sheer hitting power overwhelm me. In my experience, the general lack of Armor and low-ish Wp really plays towards their strenghts. I'm curious who and what would you take against those lists. I've tried Nicodem against a Pandora list, but she and her little friends have engaged me before I could get the summoning rolling and I've lost, but I feel he might obviously have a better chance against them than McMourning, however he does not seem perfect, either. My ideas so far are: 1. taking a Lawyer with McMourning if I'm against Neverborn for the +ve flip in Horror duels (still not enough imho) 2. Anna Lovelace to counter Lilith's Tangle Shadows and make delivering Teddies harder (they can still charge though) 3. Johan, although usually I get Paralyzed during my activation which he can't help with, but a Relic Hammer can come handy 4. Giving Seamus or Yan lo a try against those lists, or getting another Master. What are your suggestions?
  9. What's more precious in Malifaux than someone nice to be with? What's more foolish than to end up with a terrifying spider in a dress? Had a lot of road blocks trying to get this done, but it's to a level I can live with.

    © - Dr. What

  10. I hope the community can answer this question and sorry if it is long answered or faq'd (I couldn't find it): How does the wicked doll's signature aura stack, and does it stack? If two or more wicked dolls are attacking a single enemy, and one of them makes a succesful melee action, does the victim suffer poison +1 per doll, or a grand total of poison +1?
  11. From the album: The Dreamer

    Her bright colors are so deceiving don't you think. Some of my friends were shocked to see the gaping maw under that parasol, it had the desired effect.
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