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Found 2 results

  1. LoyalSkritNa

    Som'er new Warpig tactic

    Hi, First time creating a topic, and I actually feel some kind of shame asking about an alpha strike thing, considering the reputation it has in malifaux, especially with us bayou crawlers. I read on thinkin luck and a wyrd place facebook groups about the existence of an alpha strike move to do with warpigs and Som'er. I actually don't own Warpigs, and I'm not sure to be the kind of player that likes alpha strikes period, to be honest, but I'm wondering what it could be. You could say it's for research purposes. 😉 It will certainly be added in the future Som'er Tactica, but for now, anyone would dare to talk about this new wonderful secret weapon? Cheers,
  2. When a warpig/piglets enters Stampede, a killing spread berserker mode, even though it’s a bit un logic it still has to make a WP duel against abilities like Harmless? Reference: Stampede: A Stampeding Pig model must use all of its AP to take Swine Dash Actions and cannot take (0) or (all) Actions. Stampede ends when there are no non-Pig models in this model’s LoS when it would take the Swine Dash Action. (1) Swine Dash: Target the closest non-Pig model in LoS. This model must Push its full Cg directly toward the target, and may go beyond the target. During the Push it may move through, but not stop on, other models’ bases. If this model is in base contact with the target model at any time during this action it interrupts the Push to make one Gore Strike against the target with a +to the Damage Flip. When declaring the Swine Dash Action this model may ignore other models in base contact with it when determining the target. This model cannot take the Swine Dash Action unless Stampeding. My second question is about the (0) Eat Your Fill and Slow to Die, if I’m not horribly mistaking, a model is not considered killed before it’s removed from play and their for the (0) happen after Slow to Die? Reference: (0) Eat Your Fill: This model may immediately use this Action after it kills a model with a melee attack. Heal all wounds suffered by this model and immediately end its activation. I’m new in this game and to the rules, so if you cud reference your answers to the rule bock (got the one with the dude with the pine box on his back) it would really help my understanding. Thank you in advance!