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Found 15 results

  1. For this round I made a series of backgrounds and because I couldn't decide which I liked the look of best. In the end, I used 2 of three. The idea with the mirror was to mimic what Eleven seen when she meditates. The plants and creepy colorful runners are part of the "Upside-down". The skull is wearing Dustin's hat, which might get some fans upset with me but I thought was a fun touch. :D I'm excited to have this Waldgeist on the table once I base it.
  2. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio - https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

  3. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

  4. And because I can never just be working on one project, I finished up a few Waldgeist (or is it Walgeists?) while waiting for things to dry/cure/harden/etc. on my Iron Painter entry. Enjoy! I have several other angles of all of my angry trees on my blog. Check it out! Note: Apparently the appropriate pluralization for Waldgeist is Waldgeister. I knew it was German for "Forrest Spirit" but couldn't remember the proper pluralization (it has been a few years since I studied German...)
  5. Hi, I intend to purchase The Swamp Hag - Zoraida Box Set and play her in Gremlins faction. I would like to ask you for help. So far I own theese models: Ophelia LaCroix Young LaCroix (3) Francois LaCroix Raphael LaCroix Rami LaCroix Pere Ravage Slop Hauler (2) The Swamp Hag contains: Zoraida Voodoo Doll Bad Juju Silurid (3) And in the future I would like to purchase: Sammy LaCroix McTavish (and maybe some Bayou Gators) Rooster Riders and Bayou Gremlins (in the far future) I like to play to theme, so I do not plan on purchasing models like Nurse. Or pigs. I got the impression that reason why Pigs are so good with Zoraida is their (1) Charge (via Pigcharge Ability) and I would rather wait for Rooster Riders (with their Roostercharge Ability), whose concept art I like much more. My qeustion is, will I have use for Waldgeists? I have been reading about Zoraida on PullMyFinger Wiki, Wyrd Forum and even some blogs and a lot of people said, that Waldgeists are amazing. But the problem is, people were almost allways talking about Neverborn faction. The box contains 3 models, 6 Soulstones each. Or... should I purchase Waldgeists and play Zoraida in Neverborn and wait for models like Sammy LaCroix and McTavish to play her in Gremlins faction? Thank you
  6. When is a model considered within a piece of terrain? Specifically non-impassable terrain e.g. an area of wood. The rules I have found for this (there may be more I've missed ): The terrain section (p73 small rule book) states every piece of terrain has a base and (in the case of Lilith's Illusionary forest) Dense - "Models can see into this terrain, but not through it. Models outside the dense terrain may draw LoS to targets within the terrain. Models may ignore the dense train of terrain that the are within, when drawing LoS. Otherwise, the terrain is considered blocking." Lastly, and this is where the core of the question really lies, the 'Within' text box in the LoS section (p40 small rule book) states "When an Action states that an object must be within a distance, if any portion of that object's base is AT that distance or closer it is considered within the stated distance". The Question: The confusion is the use of the general language use of within and the specific M2E terminology of 'within', which is defined for Actions. So, I guess explicitly, my question is "Is the definition for 'Within' the same throughout the game as it is for Actions?" So, if a model is touching Lilith's Illusionary Forest is it 'within'? Can another model on the other side of the forest draw LoS to the model (say it had been pushed into/against the terrain by some ability ) and/or vice-versa for the models melee attack/engagement range. The Waldgeists' 'Tangling Roots' Attack action states "While this model's base is touching severe terrain, increase the range of this attack to {claw}4". Can a Waldgeist which is touching (i.e. base to base) Lilith's forest see and be seen by models the other side and so be engaged with and by the Waldgeists 4" melee? Aside: I suppose this may also have consequences for doorways and Rasputinas 'Freeze Over' ability. I'm not sure when exactly you might need to be touching a doorway without being in it, maybe if you were playing locked door rules...?
  7. Here are some pics and videos of the latest additions to my crew.
  8. I would guess that all of this has come up before, but I cannot find it (I do not see eye to eye with the search function on this forum..). Please reference me to a thread if you know one, so we're not just re-discussing the use of the wheel. First off is the Jackalope. His Multiply rule states that if he was previously removed from play he can be placed into base contact with a beast before it is removed and gain slow. Now, does this allow him to activate in the same turn, the same as summon does? or is it dependant on if he activated in this turn already or not (if he dies and returns in the same turn)? Second is terrain and spell effects (and I know I've read threads about this with Rasputina but can't remember seeing a definite answere). Waldgeists can target a forest within 2" and Place it completely within 5". Does this allow him to place it on top of a model, counter and/or objective marker? or even on top of other terrain (say a water feature for example) Same question with things like AvatarSonnia and her Pyre Markers. She must place them 1" away from any model, but then she can use (1) Pyre Command to Place a marker 2" in any direction. Can she move them on top of models, counters and/or objective markers? And other terrain?
  9. Finally got around to finishing my Zoraida crew and figured I would post'em. "Voodoo Queen" Zoraida From the Back The Voodoo Doll "Big" Bad Juju Waldgeist from the Grassy Knoll Waldgeist in the Bushes "Mean Mugging" "What you looking at?" "Rarrrgh!" Links to some of my other stuff; Gremlins Cult of December and Lady Justice As always comments and criticisms are welcome.
  10. I didn't say it was the official miniature, just the one I am going to be using until it comes out. What do you think? Personally, I think the eyebrows make the model. Here is one for scale
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