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Found 4 results

  1. Been dusting off my collection these past few weeks and one of the groups of figures i would like to play with is my outcast collection. Since I didn't see a recent thread on misaki (ill admit to not looking all that hard ;p ) i thought i ask what some thoughts and suggestions on her are. Also i have a small VS crew of the old metals, just added the steam trunk and will prob pick up a few things like Hanna, Anna, Lazarus... As for misaki does she cover some of the strats/schemes that von shill might not be good into? Does she like to play with some of the last blossum models from TT? ( i have a bunch of tt stufff like oiran, misaki's box, Yamaziko) or does she fill a very similare role to VS? I ask b/c i have them both:)
  2. Sup all? New player putting together his first 50 SS Von Shill list soliciting feedback and recommendations: Old List: http://bythetree.net/?f=5&s=50&l=62|69,90&m=48|0|*48|0|*26|0|*50|0|*38|0|*52|0|64 Basically murderball the crap out of stuff with an assload of blast templates and long ranged firepower, rip and tear in melee cause you're good at that as well, hand out free Focus with I Pay More (fueled by Surge trigger card draw) especially on Trappers, and keep everyone alive and healed up via Von Schill's aura, Librarians, Steam Trunk and self-heals. Win via superior durability and overwhelming force at all ranges. Engage At Will is swapped out as needed vis a vis the enemy crew and objectives. EDIT: Updated list: http://bythetree.net/?f=5&s=50&l=62|69,90,62&t=33|1|0|&m=48|0|*48|0|*50|0|*50|0|*38|0|*52|0|
  3. From the album: My Crews

    My very first Malifaux crew!
  4. Looking through the latest Wyrd Chronicles, I didn't see any mention of Von Shill's crew in the upcoming section. Does anyone have an idea when those plastics might release? He's by far the Outcast Master that holds the most appeal to me, but there's only been one Outcast box released thus far, making it hard for me to even start to throw in with them.
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