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Found 1 result

  1. Here’s a tournament report for the 3-round tournament held at Titan Games and Hobbies in Lutherville-Timonium on 9/16/2017. For this tournament, schemes and strategies had been made public a week or so in advance. I opted to play the following list in all 3 rounds: Viktoria of Ashes + 3 SS Sisters in Fury Sisters in Spirit Oathkeeper Malifaux Child Viktoria of Blood Mark of Shez’uul The Soaring Dragon Scion of the Void Oathkeeper Nothing Beast Void Shield 5x Void Wretches The list has been discussed on some podcasts, and so I figured I’d give it a go. 10 activations is a good number to go for, especially when you can bomb in the Nothing Beast and/or Vik of Blood. EDIT: Photo album for all 3 games here: https://imgur.com/a/IBNWO Game 1 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Extraction Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Covert Breakthrough, Recover Evidence My opponent declared Guild, and his crew was: Lucius + 4 SS Surprisingly Loyal Scribe Captain Dashel Arrest Him Mr. Graves A Debt to the Guild Master Queeg A Debt to the Guild Guild Pathfinder 3x Guild Rifleman Scheme Selection & Gameplan: Seeing a gunline that wants to ball up around Dashel, I realized I wanted to get stuck in with my opponent as soon as possible. I went with Claim Jump and planned to run two Wretches on the far edges of the center line, hoping that terrain/ the fight for the Extraction marker would leave them alone to drop scheme markers all game (spoiler: it worked). I settled on Covert Breakthrough for my second scheme, because I felt comfortable in my ability to kill enough of his crew to be able to drop a few markers in his side of the board on turns 4 and 5. My opponent ended up picking Claim Jump and Dig Their Graves. Deployment: He won the cut, and made me deploy first. I spread out along my board edge. He favored the area directly in front of the Extraction marker, where he had many lines of fire. He used From the Shadows to place the Pathfinder in prime trap-placing territory. Turn 1: The turn began uneventfully, with me durdling up a Wretch and failing to slow the Pathfinder. He focuses a Rifleman, and walks him up. I recognize that he’s going to be doing this with all of his Riflemen, and we trade Wretch and Rifleman activations - him focusing, me moving up wretches into various positions. Finally, he has Daschel move up to just behind the Riflemen. I have my last Wretch attack the Nothing Beast, and cheat to fail the Glimpse the Void trigger and bury him. Graves shows Queeg the door, and walks to be in position to threaten the center. At this point, I activate the Scion, burn Oathkeeper for Fast, and triple-walk her to just over the centerline and bring out the Nothing Beast, engaging all of his Riflemen, his Pathfinder and Dashel. He realizes his misplay, and has his trapper make a trap and manages to disengage from the Nothing Beast. I have the Child go, and he successfully casts Sisters in Fury, and moves up. He activates Queeg, and pings the Pathfinder to get into melee range of the Nothing Beast, and proceeds to whip the Beast and give him slow. I soulstone to prevent the damage from his second attack, because he got the push trigger. I activate Vik of Ashes, burn Oathkeeper, and drag Vik of Blood up the board to be in position to charge the cluster of Riflemen. He responds by activating Lucius, who uses Guild Intelligence, followed by a trio of walk actions into Commanding Presences. By this point, his hand was about empty, and he managed to Paralyze two of his Riflemen and get Queeg to attack the Nothing Beast a third time, but I soulstoned the damage away. Vik of Blood next charged into the Riflemen. When the dust settled, she had killed Dashel, two Riflemen, the Trap, and put some wounds on Queeg. His last activation this turn was the Scribe running to catch up to Lucius. The Nothing Beast activated, ate the last Rifleman, and put more wounds on Queeg. Score: 0-0 Turn 2: We draw up for the next turn, and he stones for more cards. I win the initiative flip, and activate the Nothing Beast who puts up Voided, walks to engage Graves and the Pathfinder, and fails to wound Queeg due to soulstone prevention. Graves shows the Nothing Beast the door, and proceeds to then show him a few Fenceposts. Nothing Beast hits back (thanks to Voided), and gets covered in Black Blood for his troubles. Vik of Blood activates, kills Queeg, and charges Lucius for some more damage. Lucius goes, and through a pair of What are Lackey’s For? Manages to swap with Graves, then swap the Pathfinder out of engagement with the Nothing Beast. Then he walks and commands Graves to punch Vik of Blood. The Malifaux Child tried to heal Viktoria, but at this point I didn’t have the suit in hand. The Pathfinder failed to make a trap, and shot at the Scion who Ran Away Home. Vik of Ashes charged the Pathfinder, but failed to kill him due to the Black Joker on the second attack. She did manage to end within 6” of Blood, and used her last ap to Sisters in Spirit her away from Graves. The Scribe tried to see if Viktoria had an Appointment, but failed. At this point, he was out of activations. My Wretches schemed for Claim Jump, moved to the Extraction Marker, and one popped out the Scion. She killed the Scribe. At the end of the turn, I score Claim Jump and we both score the strategy. Since I had more models near the marker, I move it ever-so-slightly further away. Score: 2-1 Turn 3: He stones for cards, and he wins the Initiative Flip. He activates Lucius, and swaps with Graves, then has Graves hit Vik of Ashes with a Fencepost. He Issues Command on the Pathfinder to get out of dodge. I activate the Vik of Blood, walk up, kills the Pathfinder, and buries thanks to the Soaring Dragon upgrade. Graves attacks Vik of Ashes with the Fencepost but fails to kill her. She responds by walking out of Black Blood range and killing him. At this point, he only has Lucius left, and he can’t stop me from scoring any of my points. Final Score: 10-1
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