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Found 20 results

  1. So here's the situation: I was running a Lilith list against my friend, and I used the Transfixing Gaze spell to push one of his units into hazardous terrain. The ability says that the model in question takes damage if it ends the push in base contact with hazardous or impassable terrain. He argues that this damage is from the terrain and not the spell action, therefore the 1/2/3 flip replaced the 1/2/4 for moving through Hazardous terrain. My arguement is that the spell, as an opposed duel, counts as an attack and is the source of the damage, so both flips would apply. Maybe one of us is wrong? Maybe we both are? Does anyone have an answer?
  2. Talthar


    Can you attach upgrades in Vassal, and if so, how?
  3. hi i am totally new in this game ,i am waiting for my minis so i am not play the game yet ,and i not native English speaker , so i have a question i don get if the upgrades are a "and" or a "or" example if the upgrade say "restriction : sister , rare 1" the model must be a sister "and "a rare 1 model or is and upgrade that can be use in a sister model or in any rare 1 model than you all
  4. When we reveal crew lists, do we reveal purchased upgrades and what they're attached to?
  5. If I play Leveticus (Outcast) and hire Archie with him, then I can't purchase any of the 3 Archie upgrades, can I? Since they are only resser upgrades. Just like his ability to purchase upgrades becomes useless, since it states it must adhere to start of game restrictions?
  6. Hi Folks. Tomorrow i am goin' to play a 50SS standard game vs. Ressers Its Turf War and amongst other things: Assassinate I am planning to give the following a try: I will run a Marcus Crew, Myranda+ Blade and Claw Blessed of December+ I.E. Rogue Necromancy+ I.E. Slateridge Mauler+ Circus Bear and other Beast stuff.. ....so i will attempt to : Leap, or Move-Leap, the enemy Leader and attack him at least twice, with myBlessed of December. Then Myranda should use Blade and Claw to let BoD and Necromacy switch places. The big bad Chimera now will attack the enemy Master.. to ideally, finish him off.. eventually 'Alpha' Myranda.. to let Necromancy and Slateridge Mauler change positions.. and let the Bears paws dance in the resser Masters face... lot of positioning and careful set-up to do.. But i think i have to check it out.. What do you think about it?? Greetz Tobi aka Frozen Feet
  7. As per title two different questions that I encountered tonight, on two different topics (same game though) and how this hasn't to my knowledge been discussed or clarified. Will also say that my game was against OSOI (henchman and play tester for almost countless years) and he was a little puzzled by the proposed items as well, and couldn't find an answer either. Question 1: Hans and Smile You Son of.... This question is relatively simple and it's a matter of who chooses which upgrade to discard, as it isn't overly clear on the card. So my understanding for this was instead of damaging you the controlling player discards an upgrade of your choice, meaning you can selectively get rid of items that you generally don't like. In comparison I believe OSOI argument for this is as the owner of the model that has the upgrade discarded he chooses the upgrade, which would be similar to when a player discards cards from an opponent's effect. So who chooses the upgrade to discard? Question 2: Summoning (Various models) This question is a little more different as it kinda applies to a few models that have summoning abilities, the issue is when do you declare which model you are attempting to summon before or after the cast duel? Apparently we both have been playing it differently and somehow avoided this issue for like all of 2nd ed, when an action to summon a model (like Dreamer's Manifest Nightmare or Sandeep's summon gamin) is declared do you name the model before the flip or after? OSOI understanding is that you flip and then declare, which allows a lot of flexibility with play and makes some sense that you do the duel and then resolve the action text. I have been playing the opposite where you declare which model then see if you achieve it, as naming a model sets the TN (to me seems logic to have before a duel) and makes more strategic in summon choice (cheating and soulstone use). Anyway if any of these have been answered before please post up a link/evidence, and thanks for your time and consideration for this.
  8. The upgrade disrupt magic says. While this model is in play all friendly Witch Hunters gain the following Ability: Disrupt Magic: Enemy models with aura 4 of this model suffer one negative flip to Ca Actions. So if one model is with two of those auras dose it have a double negative flip on Ca?
  9. I'm trying to build a 35 and 50 SS list with Lilith but I only have the upgrades from the Mother of Monsters box. Are those good enough for now? The closest LGS is an hour away without traffic so I don't have easy access to any arsenal packs. Will I still have game as is?
  10. Hello! Jack Daws Injustice Upgrades - When they are applied to another model, and thereafter Jack Daw is killed, are the upgrades left in play? I presume yes, but I had one of those nights where you read something so many times you are positive you don't know what your reading anymore.
  11. I often hear people swearing by Howling Wolf Tattoo (and putting it on Vanessa), but I haven't really figured out how to use this one. The few times I have taken it I haven't used it, so I don't even take it anymore. Giving somebody 'Sister' just seems highly situational. It can give melee expert to a beatstick, but that's just exchanging 1AP for another, so highly situational. Aside from that, having the sister buffs on such a beatstick can certainly boost the damage anywhere on the board, but to take advantage of that I'd have to activate the Viks early in the turn which I usually don't want to do unless they're about to get smashed. So all I can see is that it looks highly situational, and being so I can't see that it's worth the SS cost and upgrade slot. I know there's something about not discarding a card to flurry, but given I'd just discard a low card anyway I'm not sure how useful this one is either... So, what am I missing? How is everybody using this one?
  12. Asylum Stone Restriction: Leader Cost 1ss -> When this model is targeted by an action, it can expend a SS to increase its Df or Wp for the remainder of the duel. 0-5 is +1, 6-10 is +2, 11-14 is +3. This cannot increase the value of the stat over 8. -> (0) This model may discard this upgrade to force a target model within LOS to make a TN12 Horror Duel Besides obvious janky gimmicky things like Yin's Gnawing Fears or Molly's Revelations to make the opposing model fail this horror duel... what is the point of this upgrade at all? Was there a use for it in a different meta? Is there some interaction I am missing with this upgrade? I ask you, the community, as I really wanna know what this can be used for! Thank you for your responses in advance.
  13. So, the new print on demand cards from Wargammer's Vault are a really great idea. I understood the reason Wyrd decided to stop making them; if you haven't replaced all your 1 & 1.5 stat cards by now, you really don't play enough to matter. But my LGS only stocks the metal blister packs (leftovers. I'm gonna change that, but they only have so much space), and I feared not having access to all things Wyrd. Simply to have access to all things Wyrd! So this print on demand is Great! Now, I just jumped over to Outcasts from Rezers. Have the Levi box and the Vickies box, and want to, want to, want to put a Scramble on Tay-Tay (Taelor), but don't have the card. Wargammer Vault doesn't seem to have any upgrades for print, tho. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there any news if they will be available soon? Or, I'll simply give Wyrd my money, please and thank you, but I can't seem to locate the Outcast crew that the X3 Scrambles come in. Again, am I just missing it, which crew brings them? Thanks
  14. Hey all Had a game with Jack daw against Mccabe last night, and I felt fairly sure how their unique abilities would interact, but I was nonetheless posed the question by my opponent, which then made me doubt my own judgement: Are Jack daw's cursed upgrades removed from Mccabe when he dismounts? The curses stipulate that if the affected model leaves play, and did not start the game with the upgrade attached, they are reattached face-down on the original owner (Jack). When mounted Mccabe would normally be killed, he is instead removed from the game, and dismounted Mccabe is summoned into play, and all upgrades attached to mounted Mccabe are passed onto dismounted Mccabe. We couldn't figure out which of the two was a more specific ruling, so we ended up flipping for it in the end to keep the game going...
  15. Came up in a tournament last weekend: Perdita tries to shoot the Hanged inside 2". Hanged says she has to take a horror check, and it strips all immunities to horror. Perdita has Aura Ancestral which has an ability that allows her to "ignore all duels involved with targeting something". The question is: This doesn't actually give her an immunity to horror, it takes away her need to take any duel when targeting. T.O. Ruled in favor of Perdita, saying it gets around challenge, manipulative, and horror, so it's not a horror immunity that the hanged's aura would be stripping from her. Interested in if that's the way it should have worked. Were I a T.O. I wouldn't've known which way to rule- I'm glad I was a player in the example. Thoughts? ENinja
  16. Like the title suggests, I question: Can Lord Chompy Bits be given upgrades? I would assume that because he is summoned he can't be given any upgrades prior to the game.
  17. Killswitch and Decoy are obviously supposed to be secret from the opponent, but can the controller look at them? If several models have been given Cursed upgrades and used the action to flip them face down, can their controller or the JD player check which are where? If Jack Daw took 2 Cursed and 3 normal upgrades will the opponent know which two they are before he uses them? The status of face down upgrades is not explicitly stated anywhere that I have found, but the Final Fate trigger that hands out Cursed upgrades says "...look at and choose one of this model's Cursed Upgrades..." this implies that not even the controller can look at them normally. Thoughts?
  18. Here it is the first Malifaux live broadcast of a game! YAY! Some parts were lost in the move from Twitch to Youtube but most of it is here. http://youtu.be/ZS5CA8-sss0
  19. Ok so I played a 2E demo game last night using Yan Lo (the basic box set with Ashigaru, Soul Porter and Chiaki). It was great for grasping the basic of the game, but Yan Lo's Ascendance ability confused me somewhat. I'm confused about how this works. Do I just pay out of my accumulated Chi tokens for the cost of an ascendant upgrade (I presume the restriction is I can only pick upgrades with Ascendant on them) and then apply it to Yan Lo, or does it have to be bought for another model and then transferred, or some other explanation? Please help this poor misguided soul!
  20. The Hungering Darkness is a Totem, which are normally, Insignificant; however, he is not. Can he receive upgrades? If so, does he suffer from the limit of two upgrades, like a Master or Henchman? Or does he count as a Minion, able to gain any number of upgrades? [So far, we've played that he can get upgrades, and, let me tell you, HD with From the Shadows (due to 10T's Infiltrate) and Spirit is kinda potent.​] ----------------------------------- All weapons?! Or just Melee weapons? [I'd hate to see a sniper or a pigapult gain poison 2 on ranged weapons.] ------------------------------- Can Henchmen lead crews in Campaigns? If so, does their usual cap of their Henchman pool affect their total stones for the entire campaign, or can they use the Increase Soulstone Pool rule to go up the the 8ss total as well? [We're seeing a definite disadvantage to VonSchill only having his 4ss every game.]
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