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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm trying out a concept with, but I've run into quandary. I'm going to use Yamaziko with Smoke & Shadows, hire 2 to 3 Jorogumo, and 3 to 4 Clockwork Traps. The premise is to bury all the Jorogumo turn 1 and have hopefully at least one Clockwork Trap, which deployed via From The Shadows ability up to 6" away from the enemy deployment zone, alive still to unbury all the Jorogumo within 6" of it. The questions come from the order of unburying the Jorogumo: do they unbury all at once (for this example, placing them each within 6" of a single Clockwork Trap), or can I unbury the first Jorogumo within 6" of the Clockwork Trap, then unbury the second Jorogumo foward 6" from the first unburied Jorogumo, then the third 6" forward of the second one, and in theory just keep Daisy Chaining them along until I run out of buried Last Blossom minions. I believe they are simultaneous... but I can't find anything that discredits the other idea. Some help would be appreciated.
  2. So, going with the word "Immediately", this would mean that at the end of the completed action, The Dreamer/LCB (whichever has just been unburied) instantly activates. This means that if a Daydream moves up, and casts Frightening Dream, and unburies LCB, then LCB activates interrupting the Daydream's activation. And then once LCB is done, you go back to the Daydream to finish it's activation. Also If The Dreamer or Lord Chompy Bits are killed, then the other one is unburied, and activates immediately. Allowing them to strike back out of sequence. This is how I first read the rules, but have been told this is incorrect, you instead wait for the active model's activation to end, and then immediately activate the unburied Dreamer or LCB. Does anyone have any rules to back up either side of this? I would hate to think I've been playing it wrong.
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