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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, hope that this is useful for anyone looking to pick up the game!
  2. Love Malifaux and thought I'd make a basic how to play for fun. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers!
  3. In some forum threads relating to the 2015 Rotten Harvest Painting Contest there were a few posts commenting on how it would be nice to have some sort of tutorial on photography and photo editing for miniatures, especially in regards to editing together collages for submission to online photo competitions. This inspired me to put the tips and tricks I’ve learned on that subject down onto digital paper. This tutorial is available in its entirety here on my blog with illustrative photographs, I just wanted to share this here as this is where the inspiration for this tutorial came from. The conte
  4. So I haven't painted in so long that I feel like I've forgotten how to....I know there are plenty of tutorials on techniques out there, but I was wondering - any step-by-step tutorials or blogs on painting Malifaux minis out there? I know there are heaps on some of the bigger/older systems, but any on Malifaux? Just to get a real idea on how a look was achieved. Unfortunately I have Vallejo Game Colour - the colours are a bit too garish for my liking for malifaux. I think all the best work tends to be muted colours, but I'm not buying a stack of new paints for that, so I'll need
  5. Just recorded last night a tutorial introduction to Parker Barrows: Hateful Darkblack's Intro to Parker Hope this is helpful!
  6. The Game Room Store Located in: Woodbridge CenterAddress: 250 Woodbridge Center Dr, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095Phone:(732) 636-1111 Every Saturday we have active Malifaux players playing all day. I invite you to come by, check out the models, and maybe get a quick demo from me, VermillionSand aka Ray. I'm also available on other days if you speak with the store manager or myself I'm sure we can arrange some fun at your convenience. Hope to see you on "The Other Side"
  7. FYI, this is not my article, but I think it's a good guide to highlighting (ha!) the differences in these techniques. You can find the original article here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/666562.page#8197947
  8. Hi all! I just posted a video tutorial about Hamelin: Hateful Darkblack's Intro to Hamelin. It's intended to be an intro video to give an idea of how the Crew works, for those who might be picking it up, or who might be facing Hameling for the first time. This is similar to the videos I did for Jack Daw and Leveticus. it's a little longer than those because Hamelin has more Core Crew, and because I go through the long activation/summoning chains that are possible with a Plagued Crew. Please give it a look! Comments welcome, here or there.
  9. Inspired by the excellent article on introducing new players to Malifaux by Michael Kelmelis in Chronicles 13, I decided to do a few Youtube videos covering the basics. Here's the first batch - http://www.farfaraway.org/blog/2014/08/07/malifaux-m2e-video-tutorials/ Owen
  10. Hey guys, So here's the thing, I've been playing minis games for a long time now, 9 years I think. The only models I've ever painted completey were some Necron Warriors and that was forever ago. Everything else is just primed black and based. I know that I need to thin my paints. I know I need to work on good brush control. I know a lot of things about painting just not how to do any of it. Can anyone point out some tutorials or threads here that provide a good understanding of the basics so I can finally get started? I really want to but just get intimidated because my stuff
  11. You guys may know me from my ongoing thread here. That is where I have been posting my ongoing Undead/Resurrectionist models that are finished and painted to play. I figured I would just drop in a tutorial on how I paint undead flesh. This is something that has no real rules on how to do it, since nobody really knows how the undead would look, should they exist. I went for a kind of nasty looking approach with a more foul tint to the usual color of the living. This is going to be a step by step 'tutorial' on how I paint undead flesh. My little test subject is going to
  12. I brought the Seamus box and I need some info on painting zombie flesh as far as mixing the right colors for my belles
  13. This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily create brick bases for an army using greenstuff or any other sculpting putty. I'll show the steps for building a simple press mold to quickly make nice bases. For this tutorial I used a flat round base, but the method would be almost the same using an inset base for Malifaux. I'm new to this forum and wrote this tutorial for my blog, but I thought I would share it here as well. The final product. Materials -greenstuff or milliput (or any other air drying putty, I use milliput as it is cheaper) -a base (recessed like warmachine or
  14. Hellspawn reviewed Instant Mold and posted a step-by-step tutorial how to use it (plus some additional tips and suggestions): Follow the link to read the Instant Mold review and tutorial.
  15. Ana posted a tutorial with one suggestion how to paint chaos creatures - especially skin of sinister looking steeds of Chaos. Surely not the only way, but hopefully an interesting one. If you're interested, here it is: How to paint Chaos steeds - tutorial (or click the picture).
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