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Found 6 results

  1. A model declares Flurry on Trixiebelle . Trixiebelle uses "Don't fight over me boys" to change the target for the first attack action. Where must other 2 attacks be directed - to Trixiebelle or to a new target?
  2. After having no luck finding a Trixiebelle proxy I liked to use in my Brewmaster crew, I decided to try my hand at creating my own! This was my first time experimenting with kitbashing/green stuff and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! All of the parts I used came from the female multi kit from Through The Breach (I guess its not really a kitbash if it all came from the same kit? Technically I made a conversion of a Through The Breach model and I'm using it as a proxy in Malifaux? Whatever, it's semantics. ) I had to do quite a bit of trimming to get the model height to that of a gremlin (the female multi kit has some longer legs than normal Malifaux models to boot). I tried to match the height with the Moon Shinobi model that is doing the crane stance since all the other gremlin models I own are hunched over. First time using green stuff... It really is like modeling chewing gum. The ears... the ears ended up looking more like 1980's Gremlins than Malifaux Gremlins but any smaller and I would have probably given up the hobby completely trying to shape them. I think it will be convincing once its on the table. I wan't about to try to give the face gremlin proportions so she is going to have to remain atypically attractive for a gremlin. Her pose ended up being pretty lacking in personality for a gremlin but I tried to giver her equipment to match her skills/upgrades. I thought the hidden hand of cards was appropriate for her initiative manipulating capabilities and the revolver for her 'A Gun For a Lady' upgrade. Overall I'm pretty happy with how she turned out (again... the ears...). The torso and hip proportions still look a little funky and I need to do some cleanup on the legs but I think she will look good at tabletop level. Thanks for reading!
  3. I'm new to Malifaux and have started up So'mer. I'm trying to figure out all the little tricks I can do with the Burt + Trixi + Lenny trio. Looking over their cards I was curious if say Burt is targeted by a ranged attack if he can declare "Slippery" and pass it off to Trixiebelle if she is 2 inches away. Could Trixiebell "Don't fight over me, boys" to another Gremlin since she is now being targeted by an attack? Maybe in this example Lenny since he would be close by? Basically leap frogging the attack down the row from Burt to Lenny who isn't within Burt's 2 inches aura. Of course this is all to say that every target in this leap frog chain is a legal target that is within range and LOS of the attacker. The dream of course would be something like: A Nurse activates and tries to "Take your Meds" on Burt to paralyze him. With no cards in hand Burt decides to not take the WP duel. He wants to pass it off to Lenny but Lenny is 3 inches away providing his Ram aura. Trixie is between both of them however. Burt declares "Slippery" on to Trixie. Trixie then declares "Don't fight over my, boys" on to Lenny. Lenny takes 1 WD, becomes the new target, imposes a -flip to the dmg (useful possibly in other examples), loses the duel but is immune to conditions aka Paralyze. Is that even possible? Rules allow it? Anyone else have any cool little tricks to do with those 3 in general?
  4. Hello all, as the title suggests, I'm looking to expand my Bayou presence here soon, and I'm looking for more experienced recommendations to aid me in my nefarious, green-skinned plans. Currently, I have the "Closing Time" Brewmaster box, Burt, Trixie, Nurses I'm turning into "bar serving girl" slop haulers, a whiskey golem, and a lot of Arcanists, which I mention for merc-Performer purposes. My next step is to get Wong's box and Gracie for sure. Also thinking about Sammy & Merris. I know I'll get them eventually, just not sure if they should be an immediate purchase or if I should wait. So what would you recommend beyond that to work well with one or both of those crew boxes, and why? Piglets? Stuffed Piglets? Bayou Gremlins? What crew boxes would you suggest after Wong? What are your thoughts concerning Sammy & Merris? Lay it on me!
  5. I know back in March of 2015 Wyrd posted about the new release of Trixiebelle. Anyone have information on when this littl'gal will be available
  6. Hello guys! We had a little combo come up in our last game and wanted to ask if it is allowed by the rules. Trixie was targeted by a sniper so I have used her ability to pass the target to Burt (he was in range and los of the attacker). Burt got 1 wound and activated his slippery ability to pass the target to gracie who became the final target of the attack. With her 2 armor and healing attack she was a much better candidate for the target and Burt can heal from Dirty Cheater so it looked like a good idea. The question is: is it possible to pass the target so many times? Thanks in advance!
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