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  1. From the album: Demi's mini den

    Luna, the goodest girl <3 Homemade base using Noch sand and desert grass flock and a wine cork.
  2. From the album: Demi's mini den

    Luna, the goodest girl <3 Homemade base using Noch sand and desert grass flock and a wine cork.
  3. Hello. My first game with Collodi in M3E left me with two questions which I think I know the answers to but wanted to check. 1. Collodi's totem, Marionette, is Minion(4). The rules about hiring totems says that "the Totem's Cost is considered to be 0 during hiring". Even though it talks about the Totem (rather than Totems), I assume Collodi can hire all four of his Totems at 0 cost. Correct? 2. Collodi has a Tactical Action called "Fill with stones" which gives the target Shielded +2 and Staggered. Can Collodi use this on himself? The restriction is "Friendly Construct only", and he is a construct. I can't really see any reason why he should not be able to target himself, but it almost feels like cheating, since Staggered will be removed as soon as his Activation ends.
  4. Hello! I'm starting with Sandeep. If I want to hire Banasuva, how many points do I pay? I think I read in the M3E rules that Totems, as Leaders, just cost 0. But then someone told me I only could place Banasuva if summoned by Sandeep, not by hiring it. And now I'm a bit confused. 🚶‍♂️
  5. Sonnia finally gets her totem.
  6. Don't know if there is any Berserk fans here but I just read the latest chapter and got a funny idea for a new totem for Guild marshals. In the latest chapter the main character Guts is symbolized in a dream as a hound dragging a coffin tied to his neck. with the grim nature of the manga plus the coffin I couldn't ignore the fit as a guild marshal totem. and while writing this I came up with some stat ideas Start Marshal's Hound totem (guild marshal) Keywords: hound, guild marshal Cost: 3 Df 3 Wp 5 Wd 4 Wk 4 Cg 4 Ht 1 abilities Martyr: other friendly models within aura 6 gains +1 Wp (same as made an example) Insignificant Sight beyond the veil: (see Death marshal recruiter) Attack actions (1) Snapping jaws: (look guild hounds) Tactical actions: Martyrs coffin (0) unbury a buried model in base contact with this model then sacrifice this model. (possibly add: spend 1 soulstone while declaring this action to not sacrifice this model) end This would make him a strategic and decent damage dealer though I spend no time balancing it. Sorry for rant I just want loved this idea of tribute from berserk as soon as I came up with it! Please tell me what you think of it. are you a fan too or do you think this is idiotic as f*ck
  7. Hello Wyrdos! Can Doppleganger, (Hannahs Make a new entry, and so on) Mimic Malifaux Childs “just like you!” to cast its crew leader (say Zoraida) Ca actions (ap 1)?
  8. From the album: My Painted... Stuff.

    This model... What was it, 5 pieces? That's gotta be some sort of record for Malifaux figures I've put together. Although I hear Witchling Stalkers are similar...
  9. So I'm trying to expend my first faction collection beyond my first crew boxes and have opted for Neverborn as I really like most of the minis and story. The primordial magic mini is a sticking point for me though, I just think it looks awful and doesn't portray the description given for it in the book. I know I'll have to suck it up and field the vom-snake in a tournament, but as I'm only likely to be playing with my local gaming club so I don't foresee any issues with using a proxy. So on that note, does anyone have any good suggestions for proxies? What do you use?
  10. Apologies if this should be in the TT area instead. Misaki's totem, Sheng, does not have her Last Blossom key word on its' card. I am wondering if this is a common omission for totems and their masters, as it seems like totems should have grouping affects like those listed so they can share benefits.
  11. I read in the rule book that totems don't start on the board, but have to be summoned (p65 small book). So does Hoffman need to spend an action to summon the Mechanical Attendant? I've been playing with him already on the board. Can someone clarify using totems? Thanks.
  12. I'm looking to fill out some of my missing pieces from different crews. I live in Australia so please factor that into any decisions made before offering to sell models. I am willing to purchase Kaeris and Mei Feng Box Sets.
  13. I've been playing Pandora since M2E beta. When I started I only used Poltergeist as my totem. I later stopped using a totem at all, then I decided that Primordial Magic was the better choice and haven't looked back. What could (should?) be done to fix Poltergeist? Reduction in cost? More wounds? 3" aura for Distraction? Something I didn't list?
  14. From the album: Neveborn

    © Jukar

  15. From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    Zombie but Annoying! this is one of the hardest miniature i ever assembled/painted. Everything too tiny!
  16. In the previous edition, Totems were clearly defined as magical extensions of the Master's desires, ambitions or even soul. They were not real people, but a kind of magical creation that was tied to the Master, and that the Masters creating these totems had something to do with the awakening of the Tyrants (Zorida and Leveticus have a conversation in Twisting Fates about how his refusal to tie himself to a totem was the reason he was in a unique position to prevent some kind of catastrophe). I have been reading the model blurbs in the Malifaux 2E book and was surprised to see that many of the totems appear to be merely Ht 1 people who work in an official capacity for their factions? The Governor's Proxy for example is not described as the homoculous that it was in the previous rulebook, but as a short functionary who is friends with the Governor General (seriously?). Or how Lady Justice's Scales of Justice are no longer an extension of the lady's desire to bring balance to the world around her, but is a man serving a life's sentence in the Guild whom she drags out when she has to hear a case out instead of just passing judgement. Or that the Student of Conflict is basically an orphan who follows the Viktorias around. So totems seemed to have been fundamentally redefined in this new edition, but what are they supposed to be, why can a master only have one if they are no longer extensions of their magical ability, and what is their storyline significance now?
  17. Howdy, I'm new to Malifaux and am starting a Lucius crew and am looking to expand beyond the starter. So far I've grabbed a Guard blister and an Austringer. I'm pretty happy with my crew option for low SS games while I learn, but I want to get a totem to increase my Crew's effectiveness while not changing its playstyle. Most places I've seen suggest a Drill Sergeant and I can definitely see the advantages there, but I do not want to rule out the Governor's Proxy right away. The Drill Sergeant seems quite beneficial to boosting other Guardsman, and can also hang back with Lucius to act as Secret Service and be there to be sacrificed. But what worries me is his lesser casting ability whereas the Proxy is as effective as Lucius at casting and is also cheaper. Has anyone compared these totems by battlefield testing before? Also here are my potential 25 SS lists: Guild Crew - 25 - Scrap Lucius -- 2 Pool/3 Pool Drill Sergeant [3ss] or Governor's Proxy [2ss] Guild Austringer [5ss] Guild Guard [4ss] Guild Guard [4ss] Guild Guard [4ss] Guild Guard Captain [7ss] (available models to add: Ryle or Lawyer)
  18. Hi guys! I was playing a practice match with a Guild friend of mine, and we came across a rule question that was left unanswered by the rulebook. And after scrounging the forums for a bit, i couldn't find much on it. So here's what happened: I played a game with Molly and Nicodem. Molly had the Grave Spirit equipped as a totem. Partway into the game, I wanted to summon a Necrotic Machine, Molly's natural totem. However, since she had the GS connected to her, it made sense that she couldn't possess another totem. The rules on totems state that at any given time, only one totem may be connected to a single Master/Henchman, and that a totem must be connected when it is hired or summoned. But, they say nothing about after a hiring or summoning. So what I was questioning was if I could (Not all in a single turn): Disconnect GS Summon and Connect NM Disconnect NM Reconnect GS The disconnection was where we came across a problem. When a Master dies, it's totem does as well, and that is specifically stated in the rulebook. It does not state that this totem death is due to a disconnection from its master, or solely due to the master's death alone. So if a totem were to be disconnected directly without the master dying, either by its own will or by replacement, does it still die? Or can I really summon an infinite number of Necrotic Machines? Thank you for the replies, Mordeqai
  19. I've been thinking about a totem for Sonnia, as I don't think any of the guild totems she can use are much good for her (drill sergeant isn't really buffing her, and the proxy is mostly for the Wp+buff since he is also lacking the all important tomes on his Ca). So I got to thinking that mercenary Hamelin does enable you to hire any Ht1-model you want, which include totems. So instantly I thought of two totems that do have Tomes on their Ca, making them cast her spells more reliably and also give her some decent advantages, namely the Essence of Power and the Primordial Magic. The EoP will give Sonnia a to dmg flips with her Flame Burst which seems like the obvious better choice, but PM does give another card in the hand and is slightly better at casting her spells (the EoP will cast Flame Burst on a 10 suitless and PM on a 9). I do also play neverborn (mostly Lilith) so the PM would be able to go with them as intended aswell giving me more use out of the model (and I thought I wouldn't spend the $ on three models at once, as Wardens are coming soon and GenCon is looking to be expensive). So what I'm doing with this post is simply this: give me your thoughts on which of these totems (or indeed any totem) would benefit the witch hunter better.
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