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Found 12 results

  1. Hey Guys, my local group is brainstorming on Masters that could be experimented with to capitalize on Pass tokens. We want to know your thoughts? I have seen talk of VS successfully doing so. My lady J tests do too with small crews.
  2. Dear Malifolk, With the new version of the Malifaux, and the emphasis on a reduction in conditions, some of the tokens we’ve used have become redundant, and others have increased in popularity. I’ve noticed a few people interested in getting tokens, and the purpose of this thread is to collate the knowledge of the community about tokens, so that the new, returning or experienced player can make, print, buy or collect some tokens to make their life easier. Now, I’m far from an expert on the matter, so I’ll be populating this thread with what I think is a good baseline collection. However, I’m looking for the experts of the community to post their thoughts, corrections, and recommendations. I know there are some I have left out: Chi, Pit Trap, Riptide, Flicker, etc. I don’t know enough to make even rough suggestions. You might have noticed that I have suggested in multiples of 3; this is because many suppliers seem to sell in multiples of 3. Finally, there are many fine manufacturers out there. Etsy hosts a few (Widget Wizards is liked by many players), and there are Art of War Studios, Customeeple, Broken Egg, Monkey Sword, Module-R, and Chimeric Designs. So, folks, what are your token recommendations for the various keywords, Masters, and conditions?
  3. Heyo! Long time since I wrote anything in the forum. I thought I'd share something for all my fellow Malifaux players. So say, Would you like to have some decent tokens? something like this? If you do, then you don't have to do anything but download this file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c3x354csgsrx25d/AADgSgoqo0n1ugoRWfarCFLda?dl=0 The file itself is an editable EPS vector file with the data needed for laser cutting your own Tokens. Cut them in wood (real wood) Veneer (Real veneer) MDF (oh well, it kinda looks like wood) or Acrylics. Show us your laser power! Find your nearest laser cutting supplier or Fablab, and bring some much needed panache to your gaming table. Anyway, I really do hope you guys like them. I'd love to see pictures of the tokens in use. Cheers!
  4. I am starting out with Malifaux and i am scanning about and see players using tokens (scrap, scheme etc). My Question is;- What quantity for different tokens would the experienced players suggest i get hold of? i have a couple of websites UK based to get them from but i'd like to work out how many i could do with.
  5. I have not played my first game of Malifaux yet, but it appears I will be needing tokens. After doing a brief online search I did not see a really nice (or any) Malifaux token sets. I use Photoshop professionally and thought that I could make a really nice set of tokens, but lack the knowledge what I really need and quantity of them. Hence I am looking for an expert to tell me in a concise list what I need to produce. In return I think if we could find a host then I would just donate the set for public use. To get started lets make a list of tokens for both General use and Neverborn. I would like a base size and quantity of each. Otherwise if this project is already done some where can you please add a link? Thanks
  6. I love tokens. They have been the easiest way to keep track of conditions and various statuses that are prevalent throughout the game. The most useful token I've used so far are little gems to indicate who has yet to activate during the turn. Being a newish player to Malifaux, this helps keep track of a relatively complicated system. The only thing I'm at a loss for is how best to indicate when a model is Power Looped. I've forgotten which Guardian was initially looped in before, and with the positioning they were in I felt it had a negative effect on my game. When multiple models are looped together, it can get messy remembering which of my robots truly have Df6 from the Guardian from being looped in, and which ones still need to be Hoff'd. Does anyone know of a company that makes tokens which could indicate 'Power Loop'? The idea I have in my head is little lightning bolts, or maybe a cog of some kind.
  7. I've written a review of gaming tokens for Malifaux on my blog. Have a look if you're interested http://www.whatthefaux.net/2015/10/malifaux-tokens-from-art-of-war-studio.html
  8. From the album: Luisjoey`s Guild Supremacy

    This will be my Guild Scheme Markers
  9. Heyo! Just thought I would drop this here. I wanted to show you a bunch of Malifaux Tokens I did recently in MDF. The illustrations were fun to do, and they look great in person. Me and my gaming group had always had a love for malifaux since it was the game that got us together so I just went ahead and produced them for our use. like them?
  10. Just a quick post for those that are looking for scheme markers. I was at Home Depot tonight and got some washers that were 31mm in diameter (1 1/4" fender washer, 3/16" hole), costing $0.14 each. Link to the bulk pack, but I bought individuals from the bins. Then found some big washers 50mm in diameter (3/4" cut washer), costing $0.20 each. Bulk link, but again I bought from the bins. I'm sure most hardware stores do this type of thing. I plan to paint/sharpie the sides for color distinction. You might have tokens and such already, but this was a good trip for me. Now gaming budget allows buying more models instead! Later. Clay
  11. I'm looking to branch out into Sonnia, and I like making bits. I know I'll need a Flame Wall, i.e. two 50mm markers to be placed adjacent to each other. I'll need mine to be pretty flat, so I can harpoon fools onto them. What else am I going to need? How big do Blast Tokens and Burning Markers have to be? And how many will I need? Anyone got any tips for making fire effects? I'm thinking of using water-effect goo, and teasing it into flame shapes.
  12. I'm rather new to Malifaux (loving it btw), just have the Kaeris box set as you probably know Kaeris relies upon the spreading and detonation of Burning counter/tokens to do damage. However when resolving the burning counters do they stack? As you know if you have a burning counter when it comes tot he resolve effects stage you must choose whether to suffer slow or 1 wound. My question is if you have multiple counters does the damage stack? Example: Random has 3 counters, decides to take slow with one of them (I'm working on the logic that slow doesn't stack) does that mean that the remaining two counters are instantly wounds or if you take slow or does it cancel out the other counters all together? Or is it not possible to stack burning counters in the first place? If looked at other sites and they haven't been clear and I can't find anything about it in the rule book so I was wondering if anybody knew. If you plan to answer please explain fully. Thank you heaps
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