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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone. As the title suggests, I'm looking to start playing Malifaux with a friend of mine and I'm looking for some tips. Are the "Boxed sets" a good first purchase to make? For example, I'm interested in the "AN ONI'S WRATH - ASAMI BOX SET" box. What would be some good value purchases after that? Thanks guys.
  2. Hello ressers, I normally play pretty much gremlins only, but liked the summoning masters very much (like Somer and Ulix) and so my path to the ressers wasn`t that lng, because i had an eye on it all the way anyway. So in about a month there is a tournament going on here and it is my first ever tournament with 35 Soulstones and gaining ground rules. So, i would need some help of you guys! In a general matter speaking i like out-activating my opponent, because AP win games. Thats why i love Summoning-Masters. So, i decided to go with Kirai, because of her ability to summon models without a corpse marker and my GF plays molly then. I made some lists, that i would like to show you guys and i would appreciate some tips for the schemes and strategies, and of course tips and hints for my composition. Build 1: Kirai Lost Love Datsu Ba - Spirit Whispers Flesh Construct Izamu - Unnerving Aura Nurse So, this build has a pretty clear path to go. I want to use the flesh costruct as a Generator for all kind of spirits. Just push it to the limit and summon as many spirits as possible. Heal those spirits up with seishin and lost love and just send thos spirits into battle to do as much dmg as possible. After the spirits are healed the only thing left to heal is the flesh construct. That job will do the nurse and heal it fully but of course that construct gains paralyze. It is apretty high investment (11 Stones) but i got a battery fully charged to let the spirits appear. The downside is obviously a pretty card intensive build and nearly no option to draw additional cards. Izamu does his job at soloing and getting models involved and sticking to them. Datsu tries to finish off low HP models and helps summoning seishin. Build 2: Kirai - Spirit Beacon, Unforgiven Lost Love Chiaki Datsu Ba - Spirit Whispers Izamu - Unnverving Aura In this case i mainly summon from seishin and heal the newly summoned spirits up with chiaki to remove the slow condition and heal from a distance. Not so much point investment and the upgrades make this build more flexible but less sustaining while not being so card hungry. Also i got 2 Stones left and with the Lost Love as another model i can dismiss, i potentially got 6 Soulstones for another model like a jakuuna ubume or a crooligan +2 Stones. I was also thinking about phillip and the nanny in some cases to draw more cards, but that seemed to be a little of a long shot since it is 35 Stones. So, please let me know your experinces and maybe you got some hints and tips for me :). Thanks
  3. Hello again, as promised earlier this month I have started a 2 or 3 blog series on the Swamp Hag and how to play her as Neverborn. As always feel free to leave comments or suggestions. http://malifolks.blogspot.com/2015/01/wicked-games-beginners-guide-to-zoraida.html
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to paint a black silk dress for my lilitu. Any idea get this effect?
  5. As I've mentioned in other posts, I just picked up my Lilith box set. I'm really excited to start painting her but I thought I would ask you guys for some tips. For her skin I'm aiming for the GW blueish/purple skin like the daemonette skin. Her hair I want to have bright orange. The tots skin I'm thinking the same thin as Lilith, but pink rather than blue. I've never done skin like this before and I've never painted hair. So any tips or links would be most appreciated.
  6. I finally finished painting my Perdita crew (http://www.wyrd-games.net/album.php?albumid=349), any tips for my initial outing with the Ortegas? Companion? who do you usually companion together? Papa Loco? Do you use him as bait and then blow him up for an (relatively) easy kill? Do you camp Nino somewhere and let him snipe away? Can you use Companion and then Obey at the same activation? Do you keep Santiago and Francisco (SanFran) close together? Tips, comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated.
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