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Found 7 results

  1. Seriously, what's up with the one Hanged model? Did they tie weights to his feet or something?
  2. If a model is immune to WP duels (e.g. thanks to Ruthless ability), does the Unrelenting Terror ability from the Hanged (removing all immunities to Horror Duels) affect that?
  3. Ratty

    Gen Con 2015

    [color=#afeeee][size=6][b]Malifaux Releases July[/b][/size][/color] [img]http://www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/Collodibar.png[/img] [b][color=#ffffff]In stores July 17th[/color][/b][list] [*][color=#ffa500]WYR20409[/color] - [url="http://www.wyrd-games.net/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php?file=http%3A//www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/Ads/WYR20409-MasterofPuppets.jpg"]Master of Puppets[/url] Collodi Crew - $50.00 [*][color=#ffa500]WYR20215[/color] - [url="http://www.wyrd-games.net/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php?file=http%3A//www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v
  4. Just a random silly question for you guys. Lets say I have Ryle hanging out 3.5" from a The Hanged. Ryle Decides to charge The Hanged, does he make a terrifying check? We all know Ryle would not make a terrifying check if he was 4.5" away. Relevant rules: Ruthless: This model is Immune to Wp duels during its Activation. Unrelenting Terror: Enemy models in a4 which did not Charge this model during the current Activation lose all Immunities to Horror Duels, including Immunity gained by passing a Horror Duel. Terrifying (All) 13: Enemy models must pass a TN 13 Horror Duel
  5. Some of these were painted along time ago and touched up a little. some just have new bases. Varying quality. The Hanged and Jack Daw Witchling Stalkers. Sword idea from this forum. (honestly most of these schemes come from here)
  6. Thinking of adding a new crew to my collection feedback and suggested modifications appreciated. SS - Model -- Zoraida -- Voodoo Doll (summoned) -- Wicked Dolls (summoned) 4 Insidious Madness 10 Jack Daw (mercenary) 18 The Hanged x2 (out of faction) 32SS all together. I'm mostly interrested in creating a list around JD and the Hanged. And while Z may not be the obvious choice, I think her powers will work well with them. Hex, if I read it right, will even strip Betrayer off JD. I took IM mostly to stick with the spirit theme; I'm open to other options.
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