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Found 3 results

  1. I know this was a topic of discussion way back, but I figured it's worth bringing up again now that more and more people have experience with the system: What is your preferred method for dealing with consciousness tests for nonplayer characters? Rules as written an NPC will either always pass or always fail. Always passing makes for a grueling boss fight (which I actually like), but it also means you need the right stats and/or rank for the NPC to not just conk out at 0. As is recommended in the book I've just been having minor/non-characters die or whatever at 0 wounds. What about the rest of you?
  2. Last weekend I was playing Viks vs a Beta Dreamer group. And a question came up about horror tests from an action my Vik of Ashes got off. Vik of Ashes successfully passed the horror test to target Teddy. And she successfully won the duel to cast Dragons Bite. And move herself, Vik of Blood and Student into base contact with Teddy and make an immediate (1)MI action against target. The question is do the Vik of Blood and the Student need to make a horror test for the attack granted by the spell since Vik of Ashes passed to cast it? The Vik of Blood and Student hadn't gone yet and Teddy moved/pushed into within 6"durning previous Dreamer Activation, hadn't needed to make a test yet this turn.
  3. Anyone know what time the new beta rules will be available? really eager to see if they fixed Leveticus and what they're doing with Hoffman, Hamelin and Colette.
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