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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings! I have a question about a bit stupid situation. Let's say we have the Eternal Flame and a model without burning condition. The Eternal Flame tries to use its Flaming Detonation attack on the other model. Flaming Detonation (Ca 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: 10): Target model with the Burning Condition immediately resolves the Burning Condition as if it were the end of the Turn. Is targeting a model without the Burning condition with this attack illegal and can not be declared or it could be targeted and attacked but as the model has no Burning condition it will do nothing? Another example: targeting non-friendly model with any "Target friendly model..." action. Is it illegal to declare or just having no effect?
  2. New to the game and looking for some confirmation on my understanding of "target." Based on the definition in Malifaux 1.5 p. 19, an effect is only considered to target a model if it specifies "target." So a model may be affected by effects that do not target it, even if those effects require you to select that model, e.g., Desperate Mercenary's A Last Noble Deed does not target anything. Area effects may affect and even damage models without targeting them, such as most auras and pulses. Similarly, blasts have one target, and any other models affected by the blast are NOT targets. Do I have this correct?
  3. Hi there, I'm new to Malixfaux and we'll have our second game tonight. A few questions came during the first game. Most could be answered searching the forum, though I did not come across an answer to this: Can one (eg the Coryphee Duet) target itself with a spell (Elegance). I read through the Magic parts of the rules which do not explictly deny a caster from targeting it self. Thanks in advance Anselmus
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