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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys just finished my Wild West board: Needles
  2. Hei guys. Relatively new to the forum, and thinking what better way to introduce myself than through terrain. Most of it is posted elsewhere too, at Terragenesis, Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum and Privateer Press forum. One of our main demo tables presently in our community's shop Our main Mordheim table is conscripted into service for Malifaux: Some finished buildings: Town house. Ol' haunted Bell tower. The nutshell inn. (Never got around to fix the nutshell sign.) And no Mordheim without a shipwreck dwelling A broken bridge turned into housing... Enjoy. Comments and critisism are allways welcome.
  3. So... We had our monthly big Malifaux Battlefest coming up in our game club. So I figured I'd do something special this time for the guys and keep it a secret until it was time to duke it out. This was a 3 night project. One night to cut the foam (Pink foam) and cut inlays like the precipice and where puddles would be located. Another night to sculpt/basecoat and add textures, and a final night for the painting, resins, flocking and whatnot. And here it is. Each tile measures 1 feet. We used some of the little finished other terrain pieces we had and most of the WIP terrain. but for three nights after work, it was a good surprise i'd say. I think I'm going to go next time with something I can cut in a more exact way, like wood for the bases of the tiles. I liked the idea, but it is hard not to cut at an angle with the foam, and made the fitting kind of iffy. This was colored with leftover housepaint, and Oil colors and washes, which are unexpensive, and strangely unused for terrain methinks. Resin is just tinted clear resin left to puddle. so, what do you think? like?
  4. Hi there I am new to table top games and was wondering if anyone had anything at all they could share that could help me out. I want to start playing Malifaux but have no clue where to begin!?
  5. Not really happy with my planed sewers table (http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=17385) I planed something new. A cIty Table with exchangeable house blocks. So some variations are possible. All Houses are build on 8"x8" wooden bases so they can be exchanged and turned around. Here is the plan. (Click on the picture for a bigger one) The whole city will be build from hirstarts stones. So a lot of casting will be necessary, but i already started. Expect pictures of the first house in wip in some days.
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