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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all😁! I am a returning Rezzer player and I need a pick me up. i started playing Rezzers in 1st edition and have been playing them primarily since with a fair smattering of breaks here and there. I fell off right around book 4. I did pick up most of the models however. Book 5 on the other hand has (although owned) remained mostly unopened. Upon recently getting stuck in again (played 2 games yesterday) i am realizing that I can’t seem to recall much of the synergies of the faction. i played against guild who threw fees out left and right. And then a neverborn list completely themed around collodi’s synergy’s. so I guess really... TLDR: what cool gimmicks do rezzers have these days outside of poison? What cool combos do we have? Not looking for “gotcha” moments on my opponents. I just want to know what to throw on the table outside of book 1 staples. sorry for the long winded post I just want to love my dead again before I Think about starting another hobby project. Thanks and Happy Haunting!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am compiling a list of combinations and synergies for the Ten Thunder and was hoping you of the Forums would have some input. Please only list 2 models in the Ten Thunders Faction and explain how they interact. Include any upgrades, or specific scenarios where the combo would be useful. Thanks
  3. I've played few games with Mister J, but a thought came to my mind: Where does Jack Daw and tormented posse shine at? I like his stories and the fact that he got promoted into master, this of course means I'll be getting his box no matter what people say. What are the schemes and strategies that benefit him or which ones he can ruin for his opponent? For example, what could this list play with(if there is anything). 50 point Scrap Jack Daw -- 4 Pool +Drowing Injustice [0] +Firing Squad Injustice [0] +Guillotine Injustice [0] +Twist and Turn [2] +Writhing Torment [2] Lady Ligeia [4] Bishop [10] Montresor [9] +Fearful Whispers [1] +The Creeping Terror [1] The Guilty [5] The Guilty [5] The Hanged [9] Mainly I prefer to have jack with everything that is injust, but that is only personal thing. Bishop got stuck in here because he is an generally great guy and capable of playing rough. And The Hanged is to frighten little children just in case. No Nurses made in to this party unfortunately.(McMourning had them working extra hours) But generally speaking, What are JD's strongest points?
  4. Hey guys, real quick - I'm a new Rezzer player focusing on Nicodem, asking a question on an off-key tactic. I was going over a few areas of the Rezzers and undead I don't primarily deal with (Things outside Nico/McMourning/Karai), and stumbled upon Steampunk Abominations. Now, in synergy directly with Nicodem, these things definitely don't stand out as much as other models, but from their killing trigger, which turns the killed unit into an additional Steampunk Abomination, they could have synergy with friendly fire on Mindless Zombies, because four combined SA's turn into the killing machine that is the Desolation Engine. And having Avatar Nicodem raise SO many MZ's per turn, they can become a slaughterhouse of conversion to SA, potentially enough to create an entire Desolation Engine, per turn. So here's the process I'd follow: - Manifest Nico's Avatar ASAP - Raise MZ's (1-4 a turn) - Friendly-Fire convert them into SA's - Combine into Desolation Engine - Have DE kill enemy, and later come back to kill more MZ, raising more SA, creating more DE. - Have Nico focus Decay on DE, negating it's Unstable Creation However, as I said before, I'm not terribly experienced. Maybe this strategy's been mentioned before, but I couldn't find it easily. Any input from some more experienced players? (Note that this is not an optimization build, but a creative and to-see-if-I-can build)
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