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Found 2 results

  1. Hey chaps, I am aim to buy lucius' box but i play neverborn. So i have some questions on how to buy guild models for his "surprisingly loyal" upgrade. Question: do you think this upgrade really adds some value on neverborn playstyle? And if yes, then what models are worth collecting/painting. I intent to collect all neverborn models so i want peoples opinion before i start collecting out of faction models. Thanks!
  2. So Sam Hopkins does one thing very well. Buckets of damage to single targets, especially if that target happens to be on fire. Obviously Hopkins is closely associated with Sonnia, where he can take shots of opportunity, and use Witch Hunt to set things on fire for her to reduce to ashes. Lucius allows Sam to really shine however, maximizing his already impressive single target damage. Here is the basic combo as I would run it. (1) Lucius- Surprisingly Loyal (11) Samael Hopkins- Witch Hunt (7) Doppleganger (6) Performer This combo will run you about 25ss, which is substantial but that number is slightly misleading, the actual investment is really closer to 11 because the Doppleganger and Performer are excellent additions to any Lucius crew. Lucius' crew can save Sam a lot of AP points, allowing him to focus on what he does best, killing things with shooting and close combat using his absolutely massive damage profiles. The most important part of this combo is how well the Doppleganger and Sam work together- with the Doppleganger essentially acting as a second Hopkins. Depending on positioning, you can use one to set things on fire with (1)Burn the Out, and the other to take pistol shots at the burning targets. The Doppleganger herself is a bit more flexible than Sam, with a higher walk, and the ability to perfect blend to take an additional action. The Dopple's inability to declare triggers isn't a big drawback with Sam's attacks, which have the damage boost built in against burning targets. The other key piece are the movement tricks that Lucius can offer to get Hopkins (and the Doppleganger) into position for maximum carnage. This comes mainly in the form of extra AP for the Performer, who can use her push to draw enemies into position, or pull Hopkins / Dopple into position to strike. The performer also offers Seduction, which can seriously cripple enemies' defenses, and Lucius has some great methods of getting a scheme marker where you want it- if your opponent doesn't have one of their own nearby for you to target. Lucius can also position Hopkins through "What Lakeys are for" Potentially placing him into close combat range, with a scheme marker nearby for the performer to target. Brutal. Just a bit of food for thought, I think this combo has a lot of potential to be incredibly destructive, which a lot of people may not be expecting from a Lucius crew. Happy Hunting!
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