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Found 2 results

  1. I've got Hannah sitting in my paint queue, and I recently reviewed her card, and I have a rules question that springs from the phrasing of Nether Flux. For reference, the wording of Nether Flux is as follows: Nether Flux: Enemy models within 4 of Hannah ignore any suits associated with their Ca, Sh, and Ml stats. By contrast, the wording on Counterspell specifies that enemy models lose all suits printed in the Ca. That got me wondering, is there a practical difference between the two that impacts gameplay? Does "associated with" carry certain baggage that "printed" doesn't? On one hand, I don't want to be a dillweed, but on the other hand, I want to benefit from the full extent of her ability, within the rules of the game. This ability is also found on the Freikorps Librarian, so it's not exactly limited. The questions are as follows: 1) Does this affect suits which are printed in the text of the ability? (e.g. Ca 6) 2) Does this affect suits which are added to Ca/Sh/Ml actions? 3) Does this affect suits which are added to duels arising from Ca/Sh/Ml actions? 4) Does this affect suits which are added to generic duels? Before I go on to each one, I would imagine that flipped, cheated and soulstoned suits are not impacted by the wording of Nether Flux, because those additions are not tied to the presence of Ca/Sh/Ml. 1) Does Nether Flux affect suits which are printed in the text of the ability? I would argue this is a YES. I don't think you can get much closer to "associated with" than having the suits literally printed within the action. 2) Does Nether Flux affect suits which are specifically added to Ca/Sh/Ml actions? This is where it gets tricky. Some models can get suits added to specific actions either through their own abilities or through those of others. I would specifically cite the Daydream's ability to sacrifice itself to give The Dreamer "Lucid: This model gains + to Ca actions". Does this count as "associated" with a Ca action? It's a big difference between the Dreamer having to spend a high Mask and a SS versus one of either if he's in Hannah's aura while benefiting from Lucid. 3) Does Nether Flux affect suits which are added to duels arising from Ca/Sh/Ml actions? My example here would be Perdita's Point Blank ability, which reads: "While engaged, this model gains to all Sh duels". Does this qualify as "associated", if you perform a Sh duel which arises from performing a Sh action? 4) Does this affect suits which are added to generic duels? I kind of want to say...no, based on the soulstone/flipped/cheated card reasoning. It needs to specifically call out a Ca/Sh/Ml action as in 2, in my opinion. This would leave alone stuff like the Nurse's Illegible Prescription, Som'ner's Do It Like Dis, so on and so forth.
  2. johnd37

    Coryphee Dance.

    Have I missed some errata. On my Coryphee card, it has "(1) Dance Partner (Ca 5<tomb> / TN: 9<mask> / Rg 14 ): ...." So when I do the action, I flip a card and so, get a suit and a free Tome, I need to draw or cheat Fate for , a 4 or better mask, to do the action. So what's the Tomb for, or do ? Is it a misprint, or is there some upgrade that gives a trigger to use the Tomb? John D.