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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there! I am pretty new to this forum and I decided to share my pretty sloppy models and just rant and rave about my current projects with you guys. This thread will be full of pictures and I hope you don't mind scrolling through the (future) pages to see more of my progress and finished models as I go along. First off I wanted to show you guys my little Seamus crew. I have plenty of additions but these are the first six finished models (definitely more to come). I wanted something really odd and awesome for my models. Seamus, crazy as he is, suggested I use something flashy and bright and he got a real kick out of the idea of walking around in bright orange while on a night's prowl to 'recruit' more belles. (Side note: Here is a tutorial on how I paint undead skin!)
  2. Got the 2e module yesterday and loved it. That said, not sure if the person maintaining the module browses these forums, but I thought I'd share a couple of quality of life recommendations for improvement: #1: Integrate measuring distances with the drag and drop for more precise and less cumbersome model movement (having to rely on auras kind of sucks). #2: Allow players to directly set the value of numerical fields (like Wounds, Soulstones, Conditions, etc...).
  3. Hey! So, I'm going to be running Malifaux at the Coliseum of Comics (Fashion Square Mall location) starting in April, and I thought it'd be a good opportunity for me to see how the online community is. So far, I've found a lot of useful information. I'm still learning the game (and have yet to play yet , although I'm running through a test-game this Monday). We run a pretty decent group of about 8-12 players for Warhammer 40K, but some of them had been itching for something different and a little easier on the wallet. Although we didn't carry it at the time, I started looking into Malifaux and the backstory really intrigued me. After stocking some available crew boxes and getting some books, I explained the general concepts to some of the players and without playing or demoing a single game, I've got 4 other players who have already bought their first crew boxes and rulebooks and are raring to go. We're planning on running a few demo games for the first month before getting heavily into tournaments. It'll allow all of us to get used to the rules, suss some things out, and get our models ship shape. It was the same case for 40K about 2 years ago and that's been working out pretty well for us. If anyone out there has any tips or things to avoid based on experience, I'd be glad to hear them. I've gone through the rulebook once and have been making my way through Crossroads. I'm not overly worried about running games, but am just interested in what anyone is willing to share Thanks!
  4. I enjoy helping others learn new tricks when painting, and love learning new tricks from others. Often, on a forum, you'll see fantastic painting blogs, where the artists will happily answer questions about their work, or threads where people ask how to do certain things; how do I make a balanced model, how do I paint/highlight green... how do I scratch-build an entire character! I figured it could be helpful to have a single thread meant as an ask/advise thread. Feel free to ask questions of veteran painters here, and hopefully enough veteran painters will peek in every now and again that we can help others either ourselves, or direct others to various tutorials we've found helpful in the past. And of course, no condescension: Any question, no matter how straightforward it may seem, is worth the asking!
  5. As the Malifaux 2.0 rumours thread is highly speculative, I figured I'd start a fresh thread, a la the Suggestion for Mfx 2.0 Helping players use avatars thread, but pertaining to other rules. [There's plenty to be said for and against the Avatars, so that thread needs to stay as on-topic as possible, imo.] So, the first things that I'd like to suggest involve Link. I was reminded by Half competent player curious about Seamus!, which also reminded me of a thread involving Colette and her Mannequins (which I'll post if I find it), and how they lose Harmless when they Link. So, with those things in mind, I'd like to posit the idea that maybe Link shouldn't end Harmless on a model, as it's doing everything it can to hide behind another model and remain as inconspicuous as possible. [I might even extend that to all (0) actions, but that's a whole other suggestion with its own pros and cons.] I'd also like to suggest that theLinked model gains Companion (Linked Model) (or maybe both models gain Companion (Linked Model)) so that the model being linked to isn't just dragging the other model around, but they can both activate together. This already happens with Totems like Grave Spirit or Essence of Power, if they are linked to a master or henchman. Perhaps we should extend it to all linked pairs. While I'm on the topic of Link: I went to look for the wording of it, but, like the Mei Feng Lifer debacle, it's only printed as (0) Link on Soul Porter. So I had to go back to Rising Powers (or a stat card from a model from Rising Powers) to find a model with Link. If we're supposed to go with the newest printed wording of an ability, why are the printed wordings being omitted? So let me reiterate my suggestion to drop the large picture on the stat cards, that takes up a quarter of the overall space available, slide the stat section to the left, move the Abilities and Triggers to the front, and continue them onward through Spells on the back. I use toploaders for my cards. When it comes to fielding more than one of the same type of minion, I fold one in half so that the stats and wounds are showing, and slide it on top of the full picture side of a second card, where I can still see its stats and wounds, and all of the abilities, triggers, and spells are open on the back. Like so: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13046[/ATTACH] Moving things over might result in the backs of the cards being left blank on some models, which is fine. [In that case, I'd just put one facing one way with the other facing the other way in the sleeve.] Alternatively, on models that would end up having blank backs, just make half cards, like Yan Lo's Paths card, with the stats on one side and the rest on the back. [Then I'd either put two of the same model side by side in these sleeves, or maybe I'd use the smaller sleeves for each one.] Thoughts?
  6. Hi all, I was looking through the site, and noticed that the "Where to buy Wyrd" link has info for distributors, rather than FLGS's that sell products. Since most distributors won't sell direct to consumers, this doesn't help the average user of the site, and FLGS owners _should_ already know where to go to get their distributors info. Anyway, just my idea about how to make the site more useful. ~ SemanticDM P.S. In Iowa, I know that Tempest Games in Cedar Rapids, and The Core in Cedar Falls (Waterloo?) also carries Wyrd.
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