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Found 11 results

  1. From the album: Display case

    student of conflict
  2. From the album: Display case

    student of conflict
  3. From the album: Display case

    student of conflict
  4. From the album: My Painted... Stuff.

    This model... What was it, 5 pieces? That's gotta be some sort of record for Malifaux figures I've put together. Although I hear Witchling Stalkers are similar...
  5. Updated 03/09: Looking for the following single models (painted or unpainted): Vasilisa, Nurse, Student of Conflict, Old Cranky Willing to PayPal
  6. I painted the Student of Conflict in 4 hours. After 2 weeks of reflection, I decided to give the Student a Roman soldier theme (I just finished watching the recent season of Spartacus) and I think he looks good. What do you think? Suggestions and comments are appreciated. I made the sword look rusty and worn while his "uniform" looked well kept and almost new. Suggesting that he's a new recruit (Student) and is still trying to lift his sword on his own. I layers of yellow and white for his hair which almost gave him a Super Saiyan-style of hair. Finally, I did a layer of GW Agrax Earthshade and made a green stuff mound as a base. I decided to use a snow terrain to make the colors pop on the base. I really had fun painting the Student and I can't wait to bring him on the Malifaux table.
  7. Hi everyone, I just finished my "roman" Student of Conflict. I primarily got him because he can give other models 'FAST'. I'm trying to think of other synergies he may have from Guild models. Lady J - Obviously, along with Lady J's +1 Melee Expert, the Student gives Lady J a 17" melee threat range (3APs to walk 5" and 2" melee range) or a 20" ranged threat range (2APs to walk 5" and 10" gun range). Perdita - Can she still get the 'FAST' from the Student even though she already is +1 Fast? If so, I can imagine her shooting 4x or have a 28" ranged threat range (3APs to walk and 10" gun range). Yowza! Lucius - With his (+1) Casting Expert, he can move up to 15" and cast Reinforcements and Hidden Sniper (giving Lucius a 31" spell threat range). Ryle - No synergy cuz he can't be targeted... Nino - Gives Nino a 24" ranged threat range Executioner - He now has a 10" Melee Threat Range Papa Loco - an enemy model within 21" away from Papa Loco is a valid target for "Take Ya With Me!" so Papa can blow up safely w/o harming the rest of the family. Austringer - 20" threat range or He can walk and still do (2) Hunting Raptor (Can I?) which would give him a 22" threat range (oh please make it a legal action). The Watcher - An objective within 21" is within reach but realistically, get objective 14" and use (1) interact action or grab objective 7" away, interact and then move back 7". Guild Hounds - The Student can remove insignificant till next activation plus fast make the hounds really fast - activate 3" from another friendly hound (+1 walk), move 24" or have a 19" threat range. That's all I have for now... do you have any other ideas for synergies with the Student? Is Perdita still a legal Assist target? Any use for Sonnia? Hoffman? Any synergies I missed? Let me know...
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