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Found 6 results

  1. I have a couple of questions I would like some clarification on. All answers are appreciated. 1. The Steam Trunk’s Armory ability reads: After a friendly Minion or Freikorps model within 3” discards an Equipment upgrade, it may discard a card to Attach a different Equipment upgrade. As written, it appears that different only refers to an Equipment other than the one discarded, meaning a model can use a Rocket Launcher, discard it, and use Armory to attach a second Rocket Launcher so long as the second one is still available. Is this correct? 2. The Rocket Launcher attack action has a Once per Turn clause. What happens if a Rocket Launcher attack action is used, thereby discarding the Equipment, and another Rocket Launcher is attached. Is this new Rocket Launcher attack action still unavailable due to the Once per Turn clause on the previously discarded upgrade or can this Rocket Launcher attack action be used since it is a “newly” acquired attack action?
  2. So I am brand new to Malifaux but not modeling and table top gaming (Warmachine, Guild Ball, etc.) I picked up Von Schill box as my first crew and all the remaining Freikorps models. Steam Trunk has 33 parts and a real pesky model to build - especially the tank treads. I have searched on YouTube for a how to do video with no luck. Does anyone have a good link for me to watch or recommendations? Thanks.
  3. So I've been starting to think that my von Schill crew is really missing the steam trunk....problem is, it doesn't appear to be on sale anywhere (I have the metal crew). I'm sure I'm not the only person with this problem....so does anybody have any ideas for a tournament-legal steam trunk proxy?
  4. Here are a couple pics of my Steam Trunk: Note: The base isn't finalized yet, because I'll base my entire crew at the same time. Comments, questions and critiques are welcome!
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