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Found 2 results

  1. Sun Quiang has the following Tactical Action: (1) A Recitation of the Essential Formulae (Ca 5 / TN: 13): This model gains the following Condition until the start of the next Turn: "5,300 Formulae: Enemy models within 4 count as having the Peon Characteristic in addition to any other Station Characteristic they have." A number of Strategies and Schemes will score or not based on whether a certain model is a "non-Peon model" or not. Now that a model can have multiple Stations, that definition is no longer as clear-cut as it might have been. Is a non-Peon model: (a) Any model which does not have the Peon Characteristic (regardless of what other Station Characteristics they might have). (b) Any model which does not only have the Peon Characteristic. So if an Enforcer stands within Sun Quiang's 5,300 Formulae aura, it is both an Enforcer and a Peon. Under definition (a), that model: Could not take the Interact action to Exhaust an enemy in the Exhaust Their Forces scheme. Could not be the target of the Interact action to Exhaust an enemy in the Exhaust Their Forces scheme. Would not drop a Head marker if killed during the Headhunter strategy. Would not count for purposes of holding a Stash marker in the Guard the Stash strategy. Etc. Under definition (b), none of those statements would be true. I feel like (a) is the correct definition; "non-Peon model" means "model that is not a Peon," and Sun Quiang's aura makes that model a Peon (even though it's also a Minion/Enforcer/etc.). Related question: How many Bounty Points is an Enforcer/Peon worth in Collect the Bounty? 0 (Peon) or 2 (Enforcer)? (Or, to future-proof the question, 2+0 for both?) I feel like 2 would be the correct answer, but the reasoning behind that one is harder to articulate other than just saying it "seems right."
  2. So I am getting ready to start my first TtB campaign. I want to start earth side and make the transition into Malifaux a big production. So I started writing and planning and realized there is little refference material regarding trains and stations and other basic way-of-life type things. So I did a little digging. Enjoy. I know there is no official location for the Breach, so I came up with my own. I wanted the breach location to be remote and defensible (to deter interlopers) but I didn't want the guild to be so isolated and I also wanted a substantial train ride to get to the Breach. Ultimately I decided to place the breach in a knife edge canyon somewhere in the Laramie mountains in Wyoming. I then placed the breachworks station just west of Kendal Nebraska. More specificaly, just west of Cottonmill Lake, Ne to the mountains near Heela, Wyoming which is now roughly the north side of Crystal Lake Reservoir. This gave me everything I wanted. Figuring a private guild-owned split in the line near the wyoming border, It was a trip of about 340 miles. I got looking into train speeds for the time period and read that the average freight train went about 25 MPH and passenger trains got up to about 40 MPH, so that gives a travel time between 8.5 and 13.5 hours. Here is an old rail map that shows the trip... Here is a map that shows the destination a little (but not much) better... Next I actualy wanted to plan out the breachworks station since my first session is going to be spending a lot of time there. I got looking into old train station plans and found one for the new CNR station in Dauphin Manitoba that I like and thus used as my core concept. I drew a quick maps of the station (and upstairs) and the surrounding area. I will expound as I have time
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