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Found 9 results

  1. Heigh ho, Old player returning after years away. I called up the web store and found out that the Faction Packs won't be reprinted and are out of of stock. Does anyone have any solutions for cards? I have well over 100 models without stat cards and no really affordable way to replace or find new ones. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm checking out my local game stores and hunting for some necessary cards on Wargame Vault and other secondhand places, but I was hoping people had some better suggestions/solutions. Does anyone have any faction packs or ways to find them? Appreciate any help.
  2. As the PW site is no longer in use, are there any downloads of the updated cards to Unstitched? I heard the old site had stat cards to use the models in the newer game, but we're never released in plastic. Is anyone able to provide the cards?
  3. Hey Everyone, I pulled out some of my original crews the other day, (Leveticus and Lilith) Seeing as my gaming group is finally playing Malifaux i'd like to start using something other than ten thunders. Is there any way of getting the new stat cards for my crews? I've been looking on old threads and now that Wyrd have taken down their PDFs and the wave 1 stat cards are out of print i'm having a bit of difficulty. Cheers.
  4. So, I finally received the Master of Puppets crew box and, jarring mold lines aside (what on Earth happened to Collodi's fingers?!), I was a tad dissapointed by the lack of a distinct portrait for each of the wicked dolls. There is a pierced wicked doll looking to the left, the same pierced wicked doll looking to the right, and a close up of the poor fella. No love for the punk or the pincushioned one . Looking through Crossroads, at the box art of Collodi's crew and at that of the dolls' pack, it seems like the remaining ones were never drawn. When my Weaver learned about this, she started knitting a nice Teddy she plans to send to Wyrd to get answers, but I thought the forum would be a less... messy alternative. So, was it because of rushing to release the boxes before GenCon? Will we ever see the little guys, or even get the propper stat cards? Will this become a trend? The Weaver keeps knitting...
  5. Pretty sure you've seen something like this: It's afaik the only solution bar the rigid top loader. There are other sleeves thas seems to fit but it seems they're not perfect. The following solution isn't perfect either, but it's dirt cheap and widely available. Use CD sleeves. You can use them as they are, ignoring the exeeding sleeve: Or you can trim it to a more proper size: It is a small amount of work that's well worth the hassle, imho. The fact that the opening will remain on the long side seems ok, the sleeve seems to rest tight on the card, the only issue here is the crease in the middle, but I trust that keeping all the cards together and opened will flatten them properly. Still to check how they will stand the wear of use and time.
  6. So i am new to this game and i am noticing that some stat cards just do not exist at all. I'm ok with the idea of making my own but where do i find the stats for the characters that are not in the book? (like the beckoners) if anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction that would be great. ~Fairy ---------- Post added 01-04-2013 at 12:07 AM ---------- Previous post was 01-03-2013 at 10:11 PM ---------- I just want to know where to look up stats for the models that can not be found in the book.
  7. Not sure where to ask these questions.... If you buy stat cards from the wyrd store are they the most updated version ie, do they include the official errata?? Is there a way to tell if your existing stat cards are up-to-date? Does up-to-date need dashes between the words? If this post is a copy of a previous post, please slap me thrice and delete this post.
  8. The effigy dolls, is there any place to get the cards for them? I don't have the 3rd book and would really like to know if theirs access to them anywhere. I haven't found any yet I really enjoy Collodi, but I like shiney new stuff too. So I wanna try him with the ressurectionist, guild and neverborn effigies. Plus the weaver widow. I'm a huge fan of xenomorphs and the concept of the weaver widow amuses me endlessly. But I like the puppet show too much... she can wait a bit. On the note of the weaver widow, anyone know of any good miniatures I could substitue in for a giant manniquen in place of teddy? I gotta ask you Neverborn players too, how many of you would like to see Collodi become a full fledged master? I understand the chances of that happening are very little and its more just semi wishing for it for the sake of doing so. But I read so many posts about how situational Collodi is, or that theirs better models for the points for what he does but I don't see it! I regularly face Viks, Rasp, and Colette and I do fine most the time. Games in which I don't its cause I do something really dumb. If I'm awake enough to play, Its always real close if its not in my favor. Last game I played, Lilith died turn 2 (my own mistake, unfortunately) But I didn't really miss her all that much. Most games seem to go like for me with him, I've tried him with Zorida like most people, and she feels tacked on. Most games she doesn't even get to move. (granted I know how much her voodoo doll can wreak havok and thats why but) and I switched over to Lilith just have a master that suits my playstyle a little better, but she still feels like the "Henchmen" and Collodi the master. It may just be my gaming group, but I regularly am ok against pretty much everyone with collodi's crew. I wouldn't even take a master but I'm lacking in the Wicked Dolls and I have a shiny Killjoy/Convict Gunslinger that begs to be used. So after helping someone pick up neverborn and start off with Collodi, I decided to post this rant. Sorry if its a bit unseamly, but honestly, I don't need to ask many questions on here because of the search fuction, so I don't get the chance to post much cause I don't really need too. So anyway, back on topic... anyplace to get the effigy cards beyond using the book?
  9. When can we expect ALL the correct stat cards for book 1 and 2 to be available? In particular, a revised card for the Night Terror. I'm sure there are plenty Dreamer player's out there who do not know this nightmare is available to him.
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