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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Parker has this trigger: "Empty The Chamber: Before flipping damage, discard any number of Upgrades from this model to deal +1 damage for each Upgrade discarded." And also has this ability: "Limited Supplies: Once per Turn, after this model discards an Upgrade, add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool." So, should they work together? Also most of his upgrades have this part about discarding them: "This model gains the following Ability: Fast Getaway: At the start or end of this model's Activation, it may discard this Upgrade to take a Walk Action.
  2. Say I take Joss in a Rasputina crew. Joss has Armour +2 but if Raspy uses Decembers Touch to give him frozen heart and armour +2 then does Joss now have Armour +4 (until the end of the turn)?
  3. [h=5]Does Disturbing Whispers stack? Disturbing whispers: 6" aura. Non-nightmare non-master models recieve -1wp when defending in a duel. On going effects with the same name don't stack. Instantaneous effects do stack. The on going effect with Disturbing Whispers (the aura) are on different models but the -1wp happen to the same model when it becomes the defender in a duel making it an instantaneous effect. So are they cumulative?[/h]
  4. I'm rather new to Malifaux (loving it btw), just have the Kaeris box set as you probably know Kaeris relies upon the spreading and detonation of Burning counter/tokens to do damage. However when resolving the burning counters do they stack? As you know if you have a burning counter when it comes tot he resolve effects stage you must choose whether to suffer slow or 1 wound. My question is if you have multiple counters does the damage stack? Example: Random has 3 counters, decides to take slow with one of them (I'm working on the logic that slow doesn't stack) does that mean that the rem
  5. Just trying to clarify. Fast cannot stack with fast, slow can not stack with slow. (Page 20) If a target has fast, and receives slow, or vice versa, the two cancel each other out. The model is not effected by either slow or fast (page 34) In the example with Lilith (page 34) the two castings of slow are not stacking. One is cancelled making the other the only one affecting Lilith, yes? It is my understanding that you can still cast slow or fast on a target multiple times, the effect just doesn't stack. So in the example with Perdita and the Student of Conflict, let's say he does c
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