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Found 5 results

  1. Hey there. The (overly used) Ramos, has a summoning spell saying: "Choose to summon one, two, or three steam arachnids." (Then a wall of text) Does this mean my opponent has to declare a number, and can then only summon the declared amount? For instance if he says he wants to summon 2, then Soul Stones for a TOME and flips a red joker, he then summons 2 even though he could have summoned 3? Similarly, if he wants to summon 2 but only flips a 7 of rams, he won't summon 1, he will just fail? Or: Can he just flip a card, see what that amounts to and then put the number of arachnids on? On another note, why are arachnids not peons? 3 arachnids every turn, with great speed, great Df/Wp, armor, unimpeeded etc. In other words the perfect scheme runners, not to mention flooding the table with way too effective and cheap spiders. With most schemes, these guys are 6 VP in the bag and more than a little nuisance for the opponent. If they get too wounded, they simply team up to make an arachnid swarm. Seems the best summoning mechanic in the game?
  2. A Debate Recently came up in a game I was playing. Basically my Question is can cassandra be targeted by spells that are not ranged? I think not because it says ranged strikes AND spell attacks but any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I just re-read the Stat card for the Exorcist, it made me think of why would someone use (1) Exorcise (CC:12 crows/RG: 10) DG 2/3/4 for Undead, spirit, soulless or nightmare enemy targets over the Sanctified Crossbow (same range and dg profiles and magical)? Both Ca and Cb are the same so, I'll need a 7 crow to successfully cast Exorcise while the Cb of the Crossbow would get +2Cb with Lady J's inspiring swordplay. Is there anything I'm missing? The half damage penalty against spirits is taken cared of by the magical weapon trait. So why would I work harder to cast a spell when i can just shoot them with my crossbow?
  4. Last Saturday I was in a situation where Sonnia (I) wanted to cast the Flame Barrier/Wall or Violation of Magic. As you know it will cost Sonnia cc: 14 tome/13 tome/17 ram and tome respectively. Sonnia's CA and CB already satisfies the ram requirement but I need a tome to be successful. Ex: Flame Burst, I flipped a 7 ram. My total is 15 ram and I need to cheat or burn a soulstone for my spell to work. My opponent's defense flip total is 16. I know have an option to cheat. My control cards have tomes but if I cheat with them, I will lose the combat total. I have a 10 ram but I still need a tome to get the spell. He said I can cheat and replace my initial flip with a 2 tome and then use a soul stone to play my 10 ram bringing my total to 17 ram/tome. Is this correct? I was under the impression that I can only cheat OR use soul stone. If ever I can use both, I have to use a soul stone first then I can cheat to replace 1 card. Please clarify. If my friend is correct, this will make casting spells a whole lot easier.
  5. Hi there, I'm new to Malixfaux and we'll have our second game tonight. A few questions came during the first game. Most could be answered searching the forum, though I did not come across an answer to this: Can one (eg the Coryphee Duet) target itself with a spell (Elegance). I read through the Magic parts of the rules which do not explictly deny a caster from targeting it self. Thanks in advance Anselmus
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