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Found 2 results

  1. Okay guys, got a Hoffman question for you! I've been playing my Hoffman crew with both Ryle and the Soulstone Miner, ignoring the "A Crew can not contain models from more than one Special Forces group." in favour of Hoffman's "Arcanist Ties"? Maybe it's just the GW influence, but I read this as a "Codex Supercedes All" kind of situation? Arcanist Ties reads; "Crews containing this model may hire Arcanist Contructs without the Frozen Heart or Smoldering Heart Abilities" Hiring Ryle as my one type of "Special Forces" unit, the Miner still fits the requirements listed by Arcanist Ties. I'll refer to the Introduction of book one? "Breaking the Rules:Gameplay rules are intended to be understood when taken as a whole. They create the framework... blah blah blah... When a model's specific rule or ability contradicts these core rules, follow the specific rule rather than the core rules." Come on guys... I want to play with both in my list. I'm right... right?
  2. I'm sure it's been said before... I know I even said it once when reading through book 2... But... We can hire one Henchman per Master in a Brawl Unfortunately, until we get other Henchmen with the same Special Forces characteristics as the ones we have now, there's no way we're allowed to hire more than one Henchman per Master. So if Minions ever get the ability to upgrade into Henchmen, they'll likely have to take on default Special Forces types. So Samael becoming a Henchman would have to be part of the Elite Division, if we expected to run two Guild Masters, say Sonnia and Perdita and two Guild Henchmen, in this case Sam and either an upgraded Ortega or Lucius. That example seems to make sense...But let's look at the other factions: Other Outcasts joining the Freikorps? Probably not going to happen. Sure, it seems like Misaki will be leading her own crew of Ten Thunders Brothers, but that will just be like the Freikorps, another mercenary crew that can be hired whole-cloth by by another faction, at an extra 'stone per model. So they can't work together in that capacity. Gremlins...Yeah, they could all be Kin, alright. Neverborn promoted to Henchmen couldn't / wouldn't possibly just all become Dolls, now would they? There's only one group of Nephilim...Then there's just other random Neverborn. Rezzers: Sure, Horrors is vague enough that anything could become a Horror. To Ramos, everything is an M&SU Asset, even if it doesn't realize it. I can't wait to see how this plays out come book 4. Ratty, I hope you're already privy to any details related to my wild ass speculations because if I'm even remotely correct, you're going to need the head start to get the Crew Creator able to accept two Masters and two Henchmen in a Brawl.
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