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Found 2 results

  1. Preface: I just had a game of Malifaux in my VASSAL league that caused my opponent to concede on me as well as leave the league mid-turn 2. The tipping point was shooting the 1-wound, engaged, double Defensive First Mate with his Sue, managing to hit him via randomize (burning a bunch of high cards) only to find out that the First Mate had perfect camouflage, which, alongside the cover he was in, put Sue on a negative flip to hit, ultimately causing him to fail (although I believe I could have cheated to win regardless). My opponent was flustered, being already in a bad headspace after an interaction where he flipped a card too many which we had to meticulously put back, reflip (VASSAL UI wasn't doing us any favours). He was angered by me not telling him that the First Mate had Perfect Camouflage, because he'd definitely had done something else with his activation then. In my defense, I wasn't paying attention (looking at the rules for models, planning my next activation) and only learnt of his attack after he had flipped. I did not intentionally mislead my opponent. I did, however, relish the fact that he was put on negatives. After failing his second shot, which fell on Francois, he gave up, saying something about how he usually plays against nicer opponents. He wasn't in a bad spot game-wise, and it could have easily gone either way. I did a little self-reflection, and I think he has a point. Playing against me isn't much fun. Now I was in the tournament mindset, (I had mentally accepted I was probably going to lose because I was playing a master for a first time, so I wasn't actually _that_ keen on winning) fact checking, making sure that everything was in the right order, but I might've overdone it. I'd like to know how to be a more fun opponent to play against. I've played against numerous capable tournament players, and while it's never been easy, it's always been a pleasant enough experience (when the Summoner mirror doesn't clog up the board - Ha!). So it's certainly possible to play with a competitive mindset, and still ensure that other people are having a good time. One solution is to ask my opponents for a post-match evaluation, which I think I'll do - that will help identify problems. Now the question is, "How to solve 'em?" I don't claim to know myself perfectly, definitely have some blind spots, but preliminary analysis gives me the following points to tackle: Slow Player: I'm slow as heck. Now, not every game finishes within 2-2.5 hours, and that's fine, but it's rare for me to finish a game in that time. Analysis Paralysis plays a huge role in this one, and I often find myself overwhelmed at the sheer breadth of options Malifaux offers. Might also have something to do with the fact that I like to try out new models and masters, which only expedites the issue. I consciously stay away from Summoners because I know they're bound to make me even slower, but even as is, I'm slow. Does anyone have any advice here? I think someone already made a lengthy post about this topic, so I'll have a look at that as well. Is putting up a timer for myself, perhaps 90 minutes to start out with, a good answer? Lack of Communication: At times, I get so fixated on trying to figure out what the next move was going to be that I fail to talk to my opponent and become unavailable. Of course this is made worse by online play (I think I'll mostly stick to in-person games from now on), but it is this personal flaw that led me to quit Netrunner - I had a particularly nasty engagement that required a judge ruling in Bratislava, and did not feel like continuing to play afterwards, so I sold my collection. The need for exactness: This is probably common, but I require my opponents to measure their moves out, and only move as much as they're allowed to. Now this is fair, but most likely also extremely annoying to face. Those couple of extra millimeters that they might get won't kill me. What I should do here, in my opinion, is to ensure that I'm staying within my allotted movement area, and hope that my opponent does the same. Now this is easier said than done, as in the heat of the moment I might still get caught up, but I think I'll get more fun out of the game for myself and my opponent if I stopped quibbling over every enemy move. I've never insulted an opponent, (I'd like to say I've never willfully hidden important information from my opponent but I'm certain it has happened once or twice - my opponent and I once forgot that Barbaros had his taunt aura up and I still feel bad about that), but there's more to being a good opponent than that it seems. And I'd like to learn. If you've got any tips or advice, it'd be much appreciated.
  2. Hello Southern California Malifaux and tabletop gamers, WE"RE BACK AGAIN! Malifaux will be present with several events and lots of local players ready to have a great time. Everything from Henchman Hardcore, Demo's, and open play will be at ORCCON, (Strategicon) on Saturday. If you have been interested in Malifaux then please stop on by. We will be there Feb. 17th from 12:00PM - 5:00PM and will have several tables set up with terrain and supplies. Now is a great chance to jump in and see what Malifaux has to offer. For all those Tournament Players out there, we will be hosting a Gaining Grounds Henchman Hardcore, (pending registration,) on Sunday from 12:00PM - 3:00PM. More details below. 'Open Play' tables with mats and terrain will be set up and available so be sure to bring your crew. This is a great way to meet new players and find new game tricks. Check out the Strategicon website for more details about the convention: ORCCON 2018 Be sure to look at the Malifaux event page to sign up: Malifaux at OrcCon 2018 Get a free copy of the Malifaux 2E rules boo and be sure to brush up on the FAQ/Errata and check out GG2018: FAQ and Errata Download GG2018 packet Malifaux - RULES ONLY Handbook - 2E
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