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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to Malifaux, having only started 6 months ago, and I thought I'd share my first WIP crew with you all! I got into the game through a local beginner tournament with the Rasputina crew starter box and fell in love with the setting and the figures. Once I started playing I needed more models to get to 50 SS also as I found out very quickly the Raspy starter box is... lets say, less than mobile. But being the crazy person I am (and a poor Uni student) I decided to sculpt my own figures! so a wee bit of time has passed and I have a full crew, 3 Hoarcats (kinda) are currently in the works, so I'll update you all once I get them done. but for now, here is my raspy crew box, + my version of a Blessed of december, my Snow Storm created and painted in a 24h painting comp, and my two Silent Ones.
  2. Submission for the Round Three Eliminated Bracket. A henchman for my crew!
  3. Hi dudes! What do you think about that? Snow it's a must include miniature in Raspi crew, and I never can get good configuration of upgrades... My better list is... (for order): 1 Imbuyed protection (IP) 2 Imbuyed Energies (IE) 3 Warding Runes (WR) 4 Armor of December (AD) 5 Sub Zero (SZ) I usually use IP + WR, or IP + IE Best regards.
  4. Preface: US only please I just won my first LE stat card(McCabe) today at our local tournament and I'm looking to get the ones for the masters and henchmen I play the most. I'd prefer to trade new product for the stat cards since it helps the FLGS I play at and I don't really want to be trading the LE card I got(for sentimental reasons). I may also be interested in any Arcanist, Guild, Ten Thunders, or Outcast LE cards but these are the ones I really want. I could also probably be persuaded into outright buying some. Wants: Rasputina LE Stat Card Snow Storm LE Stat Card Ramos LE Stat Card Haves: Most Current M2E Models NIB Translucent Firestarter
  5. Hey guys and girls, I'm going to be in a shifting loyalties campaign and I was hoping for some crew suggestions to start with I have Ramos crew, Ironsides and Raspy I was thinking of going with Snow storm, Silent one and 2x Ice gamin for week one. It seemed like a good/fun start. The next model I would get would be December Acolyte since they are too good to pass up. I know my opponents will be Outcast (Leveticus) , Outcast (Von Schill) Guild (Peridta), and maybe Ressers. I named those masters here cause the players have those crews and they are the players favorite masters right now. Any suggestions or ideas would be great. I also had a few questions about blasts and triggers so...Snow Storm's attack Ice tornado damage is 2/3//3 what is the damage of the third blast? My understanding of blast is it works downward from max to min. For example Raspy December's Curse is 2/4/5 so if you get max damage the target takes 5 and first does 4 and the second does 2. My second question is about triggers. How many times can you trigger the same trigger/repeat an attack? Ive noticed on Snow storm has a trigger "Overpower After damaging, immediately take this action again against the same target. This action may not declare triggers". So here only once per action so at most twice per activation (lol I can read )but Raspy as "Biting Chill One thousand Cuts: after damaging, immediately take this action again against the same target" so since it does not have the line "This action may not declare triggers" that means you could in theory you could do it forever right? This was just and easy example Ive noticed this same sort thing on other cards guild, outcast etc and wanted a second opinion. Thanks for the help and ideas I look forward to the responses.
  6. I jest put my Snow Storm up on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Arcanists-Snow-Storm-WYR3034-Cult-of-December-Wyrd-/191507893988?
  7. From the album: Snow Storm

    The mask is from the Games Workshop Defiler kit, and the throne is from a Reaper Dark Elf. Converting Snow onto the throne required a lot of careful cutting and sculpting with greenstuff to make it look seamless, but overall I'm happy with how she turned out.
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