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Found 3 results

  1. Brainstorming was difficult. Ultimately, I dropped my first idea and went with this one. All metals are nonmetallic (NMM). The skull should be gold, not certain if that came out properly? The model was slightly converted by removing a weapon from the hand. Anyways, thanks for looking.

    © Patrick Benjamin

  2. So I'm looking to do a conversion using some parts from the "Flame Insert and Accessories". Before I buy however I have one burning question. It looks to me like the skull part includes a hand holding the skull. Now this may be a trick of my eyes or a result of the image being cut out digitally. Either way I was wondering if anyone who has purchased this has any idea. I've been looking around online but I can't find a clearer picture.
  3. I've been working on my counts-as Kirai crew for several months now, and it's nearing completion. So I decided to show off what I've got so far. The whole crew was initially inspired by the art of Santiago Caruso, especially his illustrations for the book "La Condesa Sangrienta" : http://galleries.santiagocaruso.com.ar/the-bloody-countess.html , but as I advanced through the work the theme sort of evolved. Beyond recognition. Basically, my Kirai is The Bloody Countess, Elizabeth Báthory, who worships an ancient pagan god of underwold.The god provides her with magical powers, a small army of netherworld spirits, a chance to be reunited with her dead husband, and eternal youth. The Countess is in firm belief that she is in control of the situation, although in truth she is the heathen god's puppet. And his true intentions are unknown. I'll have to write some nice little fluff text after the fluff and the models get their final shape. I still don't have final names for some of the spirits, so I could use some help with that. Ideas and opinions abouth anything else are appreciated as well. Now, let's meet the crew. counts as Ikiryo No name yet, let's call it Grim Reaper. The Reaper is a manifestation of the Countess' sadistic and murderous nature. Big claws. Covered in blood. Yeah. GHEISTS count as Seishin Small spirits shaped as human skulls trailing with white vapours. They keep the Countess from harm. And freak people out. The spirit of COUNT FERENC NADASDY counts as Lost Love Elisabeth's late husband, also a heathen worshipper. Died of a mysterious illness many years ago. Perhaps a part of the pagan god's scheme? Anyways, the god allows his spirit to follow the Countess on her quests. The DEAD RIDER counts as Dead Rider One of the Pagan god's more powerful servants. counts as Onryo No name yet. Spirits of young women killed during gritty pagan rituals. Corrupted and forced to serve their own torturess. LESSER BLOODFIENDS counts as Gaki Ravenous spirits from the underworld. NETHERSPHYNX counts as Shikome The NetherSphynxes live on the many belltowers of Underwold palaces, cathedrals and fortresses. Work in progress counts-as-Datsue-ba: ---------- Post added at 05:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:58 PM ---------- Some counters and markers I've done so far: Evidence of the Countess' pagan worship (yep, slavic idols were of a really interestig shape...) Claim marker: Corpse counters: And the start of the second crew I'm working on, my brother's Freikorpsmen:
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