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Found 10 results

  1. I was wondering how this ability works: It seems pretty straight forward until I realized in M3E there is no AP, so the actions aren't expended but "counted", when a model reach his limit it can't perform more actions and if Fast, Stunned or Slow is gained or lost in the middle of an activation, that model may "reajust" his actions. For example an stunned model that performed a bonus action which will count against his normal action count that lose Stunned will have that bonus action not counting anymore for that. What follows is probably not intended, but I don't undertand what stops it from happening. The above ability let a monk discard a card to treat the concentrate action as a Action. So a monk could theoretically use his 2 or 3 APs concentrating (thanks to Shenlong "Training Grounds" all monks ignore the "Once per activation" limitation of Concentrate) and then discard a card to treat the Concentrate action as a action, so that model would had been performed 2 or 3 actions and 0 normal actions; getting his 2 or 3 actions back. If this works like this it isn't a problem in other crews with that ability because Concentrate is once per activation, so even concentrating and discarting they will only be able to get 1 action back; but as monk may concentrate as many time as they wish, they could have that free concentrates interaction avaliable. So, what stops this from happening? Or Shenlong + Sensei Yu is even better than we thought
  2. So I had something come up recently that I’m pretty sure I know the answer to, but wanted to confirm. Sensei Yu’s (0) Disciple allows him to take a (0) action belonging to a friendly master. Yan Lo’s Awakening upgrade allows him to take the (1) Lightning Dance as a (0) action Can Sensei Yu use Lightning Dance if Yan Lo has the Awakening upgrade?
  3. I want to ask about a very specific situation. It may have no sense but I am curious about the way rules work. We play a 40 soulstone game so Henchman can be taken as the leader. I choose Sensei Yu as leader with Recalled Training upgrade attached, hire Hannah as a mercenary for her Arcane Reservoir +1, take someone else with Equality and whatever else to spend soulstones. During one of my turns I have black joker, all aces and two deuce. I allow my enemy to score some VP during the turn to get a card from the Equality upgrade and it is another deuce. Then I activate my Sensei Yu, discard his Recalled Training upgrade to get +flip on all fips for the remainder of this turn, move him to within 2" of an Ancient monument in order to get +2 Ca to all Ca actions and use Yu's Disciple ability. The only card in the deck that causes Yu not to reach TN is a single deuce and he has +flip. He casts the Disciple ability that makes him immediately take a (0) action belonging to a friendly leader in play. The only friendly leader (0) action is the Disciple. Will Yu be able to take Disciple ability again this way? If no, why not? If yes, what will happen if each time deuce comes I take other card because of +flip and I do not cheat a card from my hand?
  4. So Sensei Yu's Brutal Ability states that when he succeeded with a Ml action, the target can get either Poison, Slow or Burning. The Action on Fermented River Style, Stumble, states that it's a Ml action that goes off on a static number, but all enemies within a 4" pulse makes a Wk test. So, no matter what the results of the Wk test, because Stumble was successful, Brutal causes everyone within range to get my choice of Poison, Slow or Burning because they are the targets. I just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly, because if so, oh man did Sensei Yu's usefulness over Fingers just spike!
  5. So how exactly does the bonus walk work when Sensei Yu copies Misaki's Stalk ability? I get that she can then use her zero action as an attack against it then, but if the stalked model moves, what are my options? A ) Misaki gets to walk toward the stalked model B ) Sensei Yu gets to walk toward it C ) I get to choose either Misaki or Sensei Yu to walk toward it D ) Something else "A" would be my guess, but I'm having trouble finding a ruling or clarification, and I want to make sure that I play it correctly. Thank you.
  6. So, been going back and forth with another person about how this may or may not be a legal combo and I just don't see it, so I need some outside help here, perhaps some official rulings would be nice. Here's the move: A Thunder Archer activates and, using focus he's obtained, declares Rapid Fire. Now from the way he's making it sound, the Archer removes the focus condition when declaring Rapid Fire and, as he is standing within the Aura of Sensei Yu, would then receive a +1 to his shooting stat, although no positive twists to hit or damage, for all three attacks. The way I'm understanding it, and there's even an FAQ question that kinda supports it although not directly, is that the Rapid Fire condition is no longer in play when the attack actions commence. As far as I understand it, you cant be under the effects of two actions at once. For his logic to be sound, the Thunder Archer, while taking the attack actions, would need to be still under the Rapid Fire Action to gain the +1, effectively making him SH 7 for all three shots. Just wanted to know which way it is, thanks in advance.
  7. Question: Can a model with "Laugh it off" be Placed, by the enemy ?
  8. If Sensei Yu uses his (0) action Disciple to use Jakob Lynch's (0) action Mulligan and discards aces, do you get the aces back? Disciple reads: This model immediately takes a (0) action belonging to a friendly Leader in play. Any cards this model would discard during the course of the action are shuffled into its desk instead after completing the action. Ace in the Hole reads: When an Ace from this Crew's deck would be placed in the discard pile during another friendly model's Activation, this model may place it in its hand instead after the Action resolves. My reading of it leads to yes because they both have the same timing, which would mean I get to chose in what order they would happen, but I wanted to make sure before potentially getting 3 cards for free against an opponent
  9. Hey all, I've been working on a proxy crew for Shenlong. After Crossroads came out, I was hooked on his fluff, playstyle, and genuine awesomeness. So I started scrounging together a proxy crew to use in casual games. Miniatures are from the Bushido, L5R Clan War, or Hasselfree line. I'm still thinking of what to use for Peasants, Kamatachi. I've got my Katakana Snipers on my desk currently, but they'll look quite different from these brightly colored tattooed men. The Crew--(thus far) Monks of the High River Sensei Yu Shenlong C&C appreciated. For the purists out there, I will of course be purchasing the crew and all Shenlong related miniatures when they become available. In the event that Shenlong goes the way of the Brewmaster (which I also am very excited about), I just wanted to have a way to represent the crew for games. Thanks for looking.
  10. Monks of high river are rare 3 so I do not think Wyrd will do a separate pack of them. I want them for Mei Feng but if I am getting a master might as well find out what people think of him and monks as a whole. Monks of the fermented river look like fun as well. What do people think about the 3 river monks that have rules? How well do they work with masters other the Shenlong? How much different is Shenlong play from Mei Feng? Which style do you use with him the most? Is Sensei Yu worth taking with out Shenlong?
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