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Found 12 results

  1. I want to share something I've played just a few times and really enjoyed. The dynamic duo that is Mortimer and Sebastian. These two have so much synergy together, especially when under the orders of Dr. McMourning. Here's why I like them. Sebastian: The lynch pin of the poison bubble. I often find myself with spare AP with Seb. After I get him in a good spot with cover, he mostly just sits there. I have Transfusion on him for a (0), but no other AP use. With Those are not ours, I can summon a dog off a corpse, but those are not plentiful first two rounds. Mortimer: Beatstick? Morty always serves his master Nico, but he doesnt mind getting dirty with McMourning. He reliabily puts out corpses, even without corpse bloat. He is beefy with regeneration and 11 wounds. He can also hit reliably and spread poison. Canine Remains: Decent minnions and great in a poison list. 1ap charge on poisoned models. Auto infect on the attack. But also -1df on enemies with 1", which stacks. The concept is: Mortimer with My Favourite Shovel and transfusion. Sebastian with Transfusion and Those Are Not Ours! Turn 1: Mortimer moves forward, finds a bone. Sebastian moves forward, raises a dog. Dog moves forward. Turn 2: Mortimer finds a bone and uses fresh meat on the first dog or spreads poison. Transfuse as needed. Sebastian moves forward, raises a dog transfuses as needed. Turn 3: Mortimer is now close enough to lay some hurt. He charges if there is an enemy near by with Ml 7 range 2. Fairly weak damage track, but your likely to hit and either hoping for a crow to flip or cheating it in to place a corpse. Less reliable than finding a bone, but this is turn 3, there's bound to be a corpse near by. Transfuse as needed. Sebastian is raising dogs, destroying evidence to get more stones for crows. The dogs are now your scheme runners and back up. Your first two turn dogs can head off and drop schemes, then rejoin the scrumb when things are poisoned. They can also pile in and crash a models Df. That makes McMourning very happy. This Canine engine provides a solid area that enemy models will melt in. It gives a place for McMourning to retreat to if he needs to be healed. And it produces soulstones with Those Are Not Ours! when needed. Finally the Canines do so much work and support my McMourning crew so well. The Cost: Mortimer is not cheap, 12 stones after upgrades. He is not putting out major damage for that cost. The engine needs crows, so it only really works in a McMourning crew which isn't Crow hungry. If you dont have crows, you may need to spend stones. Usually I wouldn't unless it was first turn. You can always get that stone back later. Summons are more valuable in the early turns as tgey have more activations with slow and insignificant. I'm putting this up for you to poke holes in, share similar thoughts, and so you can try it yourself. I'll leave you with this final thought. McMourning with Spare Parts...
  2. Hi there, having just received my Black Friday order, I started assembling the McMourning Crew. Whilst the Chihuahua gave me the fits just because of its components' size (about 1-2mm...), I can't seem to figure out how Sebastian's arms and buzzsaw are supposed to be put together. The 3D image and the artwork are not identical. The 3D rendering shows his left arm to be above the buzzsaw's heck, the artwork suggests, that he *might* be holding it by some kind of handle (which the buzzsaw doesn't sport in the 3D image). There's (sadly) a little wiggle room with the arm joints (even more so after if cemented it together and had to tear it apart again, since it didn't work out at all), so that was no help, either. While it's not completely impossible that he isn't actually holding the saw by a handle, it seems fairly impractical and the sculpt almost looks like he is missing his left hand (or his fingers at the very least) if put together this way - afaik the fluff doesn't support this (and the metal model shows him having two hands, as well). Any help with this guy? I want to get on with my other Ressers : / Maybe a pic of a work in progress of the actual model or even a description of your own experience would be awesome. Thanks a lot! edit: I'm 100% positive I haven't mutilated either of his arms when cutting him out of the frame, I checked it more than I dare to admit.
  3. Luisjoey


    From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    Mc Mourning Crew Henchmen
  4. This is my second Malifaux Crew (the first was the Relic Hunters). There are finally a few people in my local meta getting into the game so I decided to try out some of the new models. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! (All these models were assembled, painted, based, including cemetery terrain.... in 24 hours o.O)
  5. Hey everyone - Just a first post from a relatively new player from Edmonton. I got two teams painted up and one more in the works. As I was browsing some miniatures, I think I found a nice proxy for Perdita at Studio McVey. The model is just absolutely gorgeous, but it is on a 50mm base and has the mount, which is obviously not reflected in the original Perdita stats. Despite these things, I think she would fit in with the crew and would look gorgeous! What do y'all think? Sebastian
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