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Found 7 results

  1. Want to buy The Neverborn Queen Titania Alternate Promo sculpt. Looking for NiB or built unpainted. Thanks!
  2. Hi, all! Thought I'd post up my scratchbuilt Ashes & Dust, Ashen Core and Dust Storm. As you can see, they're almost finished priming, and will hopefully get painted soon... I have a lot of WIPs, so will post those later. Quick rundown of how they were made... Ashen Core: This is the one which is less sculpting and more kit-bashed. First I made two square-profile rings of Kneadatite (Green Stuff). Then I filled the bottom of each with Magic Sculpt to give rigidity. Added plasticard rods side by side between them to create a sylinder. Added studs made from 0.5mm square profile plasticard, sharpened with a scalpel. Sculpted a small smooth sylinder with a platter on top to for the base for the arm/skull. The arm is sculpted from Magic Sculpt, and so is the skeletal hand. The big skull is an Ogre Skull from Battleforge. The horns are from the Warhammer Chaos Knight musician bit. There is a piece of jewelry chain there, and the row of skulls are white metal skulls from a eBay seller archeotech-uk. Great stuff, by the way! It all rests on a mound of green stuff with skulpted cobblestones and textured paint (Vallejo Black Lava). Ashes & Dust: Sculpted over a wire frame. First Kneadatite for stickiness, them bulked out with Magic Sculpt for rigidity, finally green stuff for getting the texture. On the base there's a small splash of dust and dirt made from green stuff, casts of sculpted cobblestones, and Vallejo Black Lava. Should look nice once painted; there will be a trace trailing the miniature on the base... The details on the torso are identical to Ashen Core, and the same is the head with the addition of extra horns from a Warhammer Beastmen banner. Actually they are cast from a mold originating on the banner, needed some adjustments for me to be perfectly happy! The tip of the claws are carved from plasticard, easily the most tedious part of the whole sculpt. Greaves are otherwise sculpted from Green stuff. Dust Storm: Sculpted before Ashes & Dust, and using a slightly more primitive technique. On A&D I used a scalpel to "pull/cut" the pattern on the surface. On Dust Storm I used a long sausage og Green Stuff, twisted it and wound it around the bulked out frame. The result looked a lot liek the Michelin Man, but with a Disney-evil-monster face, so I added a liberal coating of Vallejo Black Lava. I think it seems like it will turn out somewhat decent, but might end up redoing it later. No bits used here, all sculpted by me (probably not for the better...)... All three use my outcast basing, supposed to evoke the Quarantine zones. Grennstuff stamped with a fishbone cobblestone pattern from HappySeppukku, added loose cobblestones originally sculpted from Greenstuff by me and recast in both Squadron Green Putty and Milliput. These fracture differently when destroyed, so they make a nice mix IMHO. Debated sculpting an extra pair of greaves to add to the base of the Core, but my wife not liking the idea and me being tired of carving plasticard got me off the idea. Let me know if you disagree! All in all pretty happy with these, particularly A&D. As most of all minis are self-made they should be GG-legal, but wil probably get the official minis when they're done anyway... A&D is pretty huge, especially for a Ht2 model, but I like it. I imagine the whole thing waxing and waning, stretching up and shrinking down on the battlefield. One could hardly expect it to stay small just for the sculptor... ;-) Let me know what you think, will post WIPs if there's any interest...
  3. From the album: Hunter

  4. From the album: Hunter

  5. carreras

    Hunter 2

    From the album: Hunter

  6. carreras

    Hunter 1

    From the album: Hunter

  7. So, I've been proxying some of my friend, THaehl's, Canine Remains in lieu of the Guild hound which I am so eagerly anticipating. I've been planning on sculpting some Guild Hounds for my Ortega crew for a little while so I've decided to start this thread up as incentive to do so. Here is what I want to do specifically: Four hounds are to be sculpted. One hound I want in motion, lunging from his base, steel maw open. This dog will be painted dark brown in color with a black leather harness trimmed in red and studded with gold. It will also wear the same red bandana and knee pads as my Santiago. The next hound I am planning on having standing straight up, ears at attention. The color of the body is to be black with some tan spotting on its underside. The harness is to be painted in a dark plum similar to my Perdita. The studs are to be done in gold. The muzzle might also be painted gold instead of silver on this one. The last two are still being decided on. They might end up being sculpted and painted in a manner that will suit Sonnia Criid, who I wish to pick up pretty soon. If I do that, they will end up having arcane symbols carved into their leather. There are other possibilities with the other two hounds, if they are Ortega themed like the first pair. I may put one in a poncho with a skull on the neck (Abuela and Papa's dog) and the other could be poised low to the ground, as if skulking, and wearing goggles (to reflect Niño's image). This is the breed of dog I plan on emulating for the Family's dogs-- the Mexican Hairless, or "Xolo". Here are the Ortegas that will be adopting these pups.
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