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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all! Last week I wrote up and distributed a scenario for use in the local scene. There aren't many playable multiplayer scenarios out there, so I thought I'd fill a void. It was pretty fun so I thought I'd share it. Obviously not a ton of playtesting went into this, so if you run into issues, let me know and I'll get it hammered out. FOUR CORNERS All Malifaux Rules are in effect, unless otherwise noted. Encounter Setup: a. Encounter Size is 15 or 20SS for 4 or 3 players. b. Place and Define Terrain c. Divide the table into Quarters. Take a Scheme Marker from each player. There is only one Strategy for this scenario. d. Do not generate Schemes. This scenario has a set of specific Schemes. e. Choose Faction + Leader. f. Hire Crew. g. Reveal Crews. h. Randomly draw a Scheme Marker from those taken from the players in Step C. The owning player places the Scheme Marker in the center of a Table Quarter. Then, that player openly chooses a Scheme that no other player has chosen. Repeat this step until all Scheme Markers have been placed. i. Deployment. The player with the lowest-valued Scheme chosen deploys their whole crew within 4” of their Scheme Marker, then removes that Scheme Marker. Repeat for each next-highest Scheme, until all players have deployed. j. Game Starts Strategy: Four Corners At the End of the Turn, each player scores 1 VP if the number of table quarters with a friendly scheme marker totally inside it is greater than the number of VP that player has scored from the Strategy. Scheme Selection & Modification 1. Deliver a Message During its Activation, a friendly non-Leader model within 1” of an enemy Leader that is not in this crew’s starting Table Quarter can take the Interact action to score 1 VP. 2. Dig Their Graves After killing an enemy model within 1” of a friendly scheme marker, remove that marker and score 1 VP. 3. Breakthrough At the end of the turn, if you have a model within 1” of the center of a Table Quarter that was not this crew’s starting Table Quarter, score 1 VP. 4. Assassinate At the end of a friendly model’s Activation, if they caused damage to an enemy Leader and that Leader has half its maximum health or less, score 1 VP. If that model caused damage to an enemy Leader and that Leader was Killed, score 2 VP, instead. 5. Take Prisoner At the end of the Turn, if you have a friendly model engaging an enemy model and there are no enemy models within 2” of either model, score 1 VP. 6. Claim Jump At the end of the Turn, if you have a friendly non-Leader model within 2” of the centerpoint and there are no enemy models engaging it, score 1 VP. Special Rules - All Upgrades attached to models after summoning lose Plentiful. All summoning Actions, Abilities, and Triggers that do not attach an upgrade are considered blank. Exception: The Guilty’s upgrade is a valid method of summoning. - Initiative Order is not flipped, instead, it is according to the value of the scheme held by the player, from lowest-to-highest, at the point when Initiative is usually determined. It does not change if the player’s Scheme is switched. - There is a pool of the 6 schemes that are considered Available. If a player has chosen a Scheme, it is unavailable and cannot be chosen by another player. - Whenever a player earns VP from a Scheme, they immediately choose an Available Scheme. The Scheme they just scored becomes Available. - Scoring may occur on Turn 1. The Game ends after 4 Turns.
  2. Unbearable Teddies. “IT WASN’T MY FAULT” Candy shouts at Pandora, the short Woe tiptoeing to perform a meager attempt at looking bigger and adult. Compared to any real adult of course, Candy doesn’t impress anyone. The redhead leans forwards to loom over the shorter Neverborn, scowling. Candy winces, her tantrum dying down to mere uppity behaviour and pouting. “... How was I supposed to know the sweets Zoraida gave me would make Kade’s Teddy so… Strong and angry?” Pandora raises her hand, making the shorter girl cower, afraid she’d get hit by her mistress. When no blow smacks her over the head, Candy opens her eyes, staring at the waggling finger in front of her face. “You’ve been a very naughty girl!” Pandora’s cheerful tone makes Candy slowly smile, and shortly thereafter, she giggles wickedly. “I know~!” The slender woman makes a dismissive gesture before she heads towards the sewer. “Let’s see where this goes, hm?” Candy nods eagerly, picking up her goody basket and skips after Pandora into the darkness. Setup. Should be played on a 3'x3' board. Corner deployment zones. Teddy starts in the center of the board. Maximum Soulstones used for choosing crews: 35. Randomly determine deployment zones, and who deploys first. After flipping for who will deploy first, the player who won the flip (or was told to deploy first) chooses his deployment zone and places the first Honey Marker. The players then take turns to place them, until five markers have been placed. The first three Honey Markers must be placed anywhere on the board at least 7” from the player’s deployment zone and at least 7” from another Honey Marker. The final two markers must be placed anywhere within the attacker’s and the defender's corner of the board, one in each, at least 7” from another Honey Marker, not in terrain, one in each attacker’s corner. Stratagem: None. Special. Models in base contact with a Honey Marker may take a (1) Interact Action to remove it. When the Honey Marker is removed from play, the player flips a card: : Teddy is pushed 7 inches towards the model that discarded the Honey Marker, ignoring terrain. It then performs 2 (1) Hug Attack Actions if within range that may not declare Triggers. : Teddy moves its Wk towards the model that discarded the Marker. Teddy must end its move as close to the model as possible. : After the current activation Teddy immediately activates as a chain activation by the crew that discarded the Marker. : If Teddy is within 2", it performs a (1) Hug that cannot declare Triggers. The Teddy also has the following Abilities for the Scenario. Enraged: This model has Hard To Kill and can not be Buried or gain the Paralyzed Condition. Honeyed Words: Whenever a Honey Marker is discarded, Teddy heals 2 wounds. Willy-Nilly: At the start of the turn, after initiative is flipped but before any model activate, Teddy activates. If within Teddy's engagement range, it makes 2 (1) hug Attack Actions against the closest target. If more than one target is within range, randomly flip. If outside Teddy's engagement range but within 9", Teddy charges the closest target. If more than one target is within range, randomly flip. Teddy may declare a Charge Action when engaged. If no target is within 9" and LOS, Teddy takes two (1) Walk actions towards the center of the table. The first player makes the flips for Teddy, but may not Cheat Fate. The opposing player makes all flips, which may not be cheated, and any effects that forces Teddy to discard cards or soul stones is ignored. Victory Conditions: Each player receives 1 Vp for each Honey Marker they remove from after turn 1. The crew that kills the Teddy receive as much VP as what turn it is. So on turn 1 it'd be 1 Vp, turn 2 would be 2 Vp etc. At the end of every turn if Teddy is within a player's deployment zone that player scores 1 Vp. Teddy may not be killed by other means than being reduced to 0 wounds. Credits Idea: Charnel. Contributors: Aaron Darland, PraetoorDragoon, Makrar, Requirement, The Godlyness.
  3. Something’s Fishy... Yer fella’s listien up. Something’s not right in that place. Fellas dissapearing, crunchy noises, giant fishies are being seen, and worst of all, ‘shine is going missing there! Be careful around there when you swing that fishin’ pole... Set Up After deploying Crews, each player places a 50mm Fishing Pool marker on the centerline. Fishing Pool markers must be at least 6” away from each other and from the edge of the board. These markers are Ht 0, severe, hazardous terrain. Deployment This scenario uses Standard Deployment. Special Each model within “1 of a Fishing Pool marker may take a (1) Interact action to fish from the pool. Flip one card (which may not be cheated) from your fate deck and compare the value to the following chart. Black Joker, King of the Pond: Each model within 3 of the Fishing Pool marker suffers 4 damage which may not be reduced. 1, Old Boot: Each model within 3 of the Fishing Pool marker gains the Poison +1 conditon. 2, Pulled in!: Place the model which took the Interact action in base contact with target other Fishing Pool marker. If the other marker is not in play, Sacrifice the model instead. 3, Zombie Catfish Attack: The model which took the Interact action suffers 2 damage and gains the Undead characteristic. 4 - 5, Why do they throw away this…?: The model which took the Interact action gains the following condition for the rest of the game: "Covered in rubbish +1" Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +1, to a minimum of 1. This model suffers -1 Wk. At the start of this models activation it may choose to end this condition" 6, Reel In: Target model within 8” of the Fishing Pool marker must pass a TN 14 Wk duel or gain the Insignifcant conditon and be pushed in base contact with the Fishing Pool marker. 7, Oooh, Shinies: Each player with 1 or more models within 2 of the Fishing Pool marker adds 1 Soulstone to their Pool. 8 - 9, Caught Something: The model which took the Interact action may choose to gain one of the following Attack Actions until it takes the chosen Action. (0) Jellyfish (Sh 5 / Rst: Df/ Rg: 10 ) Target suffers 2/3/4 damage and gains the Slow condition (0) Swordfish (Ml 5 / Rst: Df / Rg: 2 ) Target suffers 2/3/4 damage which ignores Armor. :ram It’s Angry!: After succeeding, take this action again. This action cannot declare triggers. 10 - 11, That’s a lot of Teeth: The model which took the Interact action suffers 1 damage, then summons a Bayou Shark in base contact with the Fishing Pool marker. The Bayou Shark activates immediately after this model’s activation ends if able.This is a Chain Activation. 12, Watery Grave: The model which took the Interact action summons a Drowned into base contact with the Fishing Pool marker. The Drowned suffers 2 damage. 13, Barrel Floated Downstream: The model which took the Interact action makes a 2/3/4 healing flip and gains the Poison +2 condition. Red Joker, It is friendly, I guess…: The model which took the Interact action summon a Giant Catfish in base contact with the Fishing Pool marker, then remove the Fishing Pool marker. Victory At the end of every Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has taken two or more Interact actions with a Fishing Pool marker during her turn. Credits Initial Concept: Revliss Realization: PraetorDragoon & Makrar People who sat confused in chat: Aaron.Darland, Charnel, Fireuser, theLoki, Kitsune Sidhe
  4. Hey guys, My local group are interested in trying story encounters. Is there a thread or a link to some story encounters that I can download? Please provide links with your replies. Thank you.
  5. I'm going to be running an Easter-themed Malifaux tournament. I just saw the cute Easter gremlins come up on the site, but no scenarios. In fact, I've hunted across the internet and found no Easter-themed scenarios at all. So I decided to write my own. I will share these scenarios with you for two reasons. 1. Give me feedback! Test them out, see if they work, tell me how fun they are. 2. So poor lost souls like myself can find some last minute Easter scenarios. Disclaimer: These scenarios have not been play-tested, so they could be horribly unbalanced. Easter Egg Hunt: Easter Eggs are deadly. Destroy them before the children come out to play. Easter Bunny Hunt: Kill that vile creature leaving all the Easter Eggs behind. Pace Egging: Put on a three-act play to commemorate crossing the Breach. Malifaux - Easter Egg Hunt.pdf Malifaux - Easter Bunny Hunt.pdf Malifaux - Pace Egging.pdf
  6. Hi, I run local Malifaux tournaments at our hobbyshop and recent game had fixed Grim Fandango themed scenario. For those who are not familiar with the title I suggest googling about it, since it suits Malifaux setting quite well in some way. Anyway, we used a fixed scenario: It's day of the dead and recently departed souls are popping here and there and it's your job to guide them to their final resting place. At the end of the turn, player that activated last model, spawns two lost souls on the table: first uncheated flip defines direction form center of the table using clock directions (jokers and 13 are redrawn) with 6 o'clock being center of players deployment zone, second uncheated flip defines distance in inches from the center. Same goes for second lost sole token. A non-insignificant model base to base with token may perform an action (1) Take My by My Hand to pick up that sole token. It may then perform only walk actions and if it is forced to move somehow other than walk (push, etc.) it drops token. It may also drop the token for free willingly. Dropped token disappear (or run away if you will). For every soul token brought to deployment zone make a flip: Black joker: devil in disguise - model receives uncheatable damage flip of 2/3/4 and player does not score redeemer points 1-6: sinner - player does not score redeemer points 7-13: goody-two-shoes - player receives 1 redeemer point red joker: "Number Nine" passenger - player receives 2 redeemer points Goal of the game is to score as much redeemer points as possible. 4VP to player with most redeemer points, 2 VP to player with at least 1 redeemer point. Scenario worked fine for a game with 25 point armies, had reasonable amount of surprise and planning with enough space for face smashing. Hope it helps for someone looking for some original ideas. It would be nice to hear your opinions about this scenario too. Ah yes, we also had 'cactus juice on the house' during the event
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