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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I'm a new Henchman in Chile looking forward with local henchman and myself to get some Malifaux Community growth here in Santiago. I'm running demos at my wargame store in Santiago, Wargaming.cl, located in Manuel Montt, Dr. Manuel Barros Borgoño 100, Providencia, from Monday to Friday! So, if you are interested, just head up here and lets cheat the fate! Hola, soy el nuevo Henchman en Chile y estoy buscando, junto a otro Henchman local, hacer crecer la Comunidad de Malifaux acá en Santiago. Estamos haciendo demostraciones en mi tienda en Santiago, Wargaming.cl, ubicada en Manuel Montt, Dr. Manuel Barros Borgoño 100, Providencia, de lunes a viernes! Así que si estás interesado, acércate a la tienda y vamos a engañar al destino!
  2. Is Santiago a problem model? Given that I struggle to find a use for him even in a Perdita list as the opportunity cost is always so high, the answer is a pretty resounding yes I feel. My shot at giving Santiago a 0 SS upgrade fix: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TILEV7v4QHZIFfET_Bo6If2bPVHf3xaIAJ3WFAN6RYY/edit# The theory? His biggest downfall is getting bogged down in melee where he is godawful, and basically relies on Fran bailing him out via either Hermano (sucks if you don't have it; also precludes Finesse) or Enfrentate (eats AP better spent on other things like charging). This gives him an AP efficient solution for disengaging then following up with shoot into a Family melee which is what he does best. Works especially well with Fran, Perdita and Abuela (who can roll away after a Well Earned Whooping).
  3. From the album: MadBul's Posse

    Wee close up o the Big Man

    © MadBul

  4. From the album: Perdita crew, midnight theme

    Santiago ortega in M2E artwork
  5. From the album: Perdita crew, midnight theme

    Santiago ortega in M2E artwork.
  6. Suppose this could apply to others, but here it goes. 1. Santiago has the paired peacebringers as ranged, his melee weapon is a peacebringer blade...no discription on them, is this because they are an extention of the peacebringer? 2. If yes to question 1, does this mean that his peacebringer blade strikes are paired? 3. If yes to 1, does this mean his +2 CB for being 4 WDs or lower applies to his melee as well? Did a search for Santiago and peacebringers and didn't turn up anything, so sorry if this has been addressed
  7. Here are my first two attempts at painting some Malifaux figures. Perdita Santiago
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