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Found 4 results

  1. My Pretty in Pink) I like samurais. I like big guns. I like malifaux 'cause it has them 2 in 1) Pink armour, metal gun. Nothing else)
  2. im new to the game iv been looking through the ranges and some, guides online and want to get in to the game, i like the ten thunders faction but i have a problem im finding it difficult to find advice on the models i have interest in i want to play ten thunders because i like samurai, but are the samurai any good and what do they work well with iv heard the brewmaster is good with them but what elce? or am i diving in to far. should i just get a crew box first and learn the game before getting fussy over what i want
  3. Hi all, I'd like to know whether actions that are gained from the trigger of an action (specifically in this case the Samurai's Shoulder Gatling attack trigger "Walking Fire") still benefit from any focus that the original action used. References: Walking Fire trigger: After damaging, immediately take this action against a different target. Current Malifaux FAQ doc: 19) Q: Does the damage flip from the Slug Trigger count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by things like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? A: Yes, Triggers are a part of the Action which caused them and the damage flip from Slug would retain any modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Also from the FAQ: 1) Q: If a model has the Focus +1 Condition, can it remove the Condition at the start of a Charge Action in order to gain the bonus to all Attacks generated by the Charge Action? A: No. It would have to remove the Condition at the start of a single Attack which was generated by Charge and it would only gain the bonus for the duration of that Attack. Other Actions which generate Attack Actions (such as Flurry, Rapid Fire, etc) function in the same way in regards to Focus. So I know it's not okay to use Focus on a Charge action (or Flurry, etc.) to gain focus for each action it generates. Actions generated by actions in this way are clearly not intended to benefit from a single instance of the condition. On the other hand, these are not actions that are generated by triggers, and the wording on the Slug trigger FAQ entry leads me to believe that triggers are still part of the original action, and would still benefit from focus, except that in Slug's case it isn't specifically talking about actions. In short, I can't figure this one out myself; I'm leaning toward not granting the focus to the generated attack action (because triggers like Walking Fire exist, basically, and could cause a lot of trouble with abuse of such a thing), but I'd like to hear other thoughts on it (and be pointed in the direction of any relevant rules, etc. that I have missed). Ta.
  4. Hi guys, I was putting Izamu together last night and decided to cut his face in half to keep only the lower part with the nose. so the top of his faceplate was shaved off for a samurai armor look. I was wondering if anyone had seen or done such a conversion because I'd like to see it painted for reference. For those who don't know what I mean here's a picture of a mempo: http://www.welt-der-samurai.de/pics/mempo.jpg I didn't had time to take pics last night but I will as soon as the base is done too.
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