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Found 12 results

  1. Reading the rules for MuseOn Con, apparently you could use a DMH Master, but that had to be your chosen Master for the entire tournament. I've also seen (in my local scene) hiring restrictions placed on them. Like you can Versatile and Keyword in-faction but can't hire Out-of-keyword. Re-reading the Main rules, arbitrary restrictions like this are not allowed. If the DMH is allowed then those models are treated as Normal Models. Period. Dead Man's Hand is not a Faction and should not be treated as such. Anyone else seen anything like this? Where people, instead of just saying 'no DMH' are 'allowing' them while putting restrictions on them? From my reading, a TO has every right to not allow the DMH, I have no problem with this. But if they're allowed, they're normal Masters, period, with all hiring options on the table and treated as any other Master in their chosen faction. Am I reading this wrong?
  2. From the album: Nikodemus r4 ELIM

    Metal Ryle, session 1.
  3. Guest


  4. WOW...it has been ages since I logged in here. Was a regular about ten years ago for several years and then dropped out. Always loved the forum, the miniatures and the game. Also bought a lot of the old metals at the time, but never really got into the game. But I see I've still got the News Monkey title, how cool! Anyway, me and my mates have started playing Malifaux. Malifaux M2E really is a superior game and M1 never really clicked with me (the game that is, the fluff and setting always rocked). But M2E clicked right away and we are playing regularly now. And we have started a Shifting Loyalties campaign! So after almost ten years it is time to get paint on some Malifaux. I'm playing Guild in the campaign, so I wanted to start with the ones I play. My starting list is The Judge, Lone Marshall, Death Marshall, Guild Austringer and a Witchling Stalker. I decided to start with The Judge and the Death Marshall. One evening later and they were painted. Darn, that went fast! Loved them during painting. Next evening I started and finished the Guild Austringer. Okay...Malifaux is getting painted faster than most other games I have. Nice! Next up will be a Hunter (bought him with Ryle at the start of week 2) or the Witchling. The Judge Death Marshall Guild Austringer Thanks for looking! *EDIT* Okay...how the heck do I insert images here? The [ img] [ /img] tags won't work... Thanks!
  5. Not as durable as a Peacekeeper, not as mobile as Langston, and not nearly as killy as either. Has some utility with his heal and ability to ignore Horror duels, and though he can get several attacks off with his ranged attack, the combination of its underwhelming damage and mediocre range make me doubt whether I'd ever run him in a Hoffman list vs roughly equivalent cost models like the Brutal Emissary, Joss, Rail Golem, Peacekeeper, Arachnid Swarm (Langston I almost consider an auto-include, but I'm pretty new to this game so what do I know?). Also his upgrade kind of sucks too. Has anyone run a competitive list where this guy is better than his alternatives? I'm trying to find a reason to like and use him, but the opportunity cost seems too high. Is he really just a niche include vs Horror heavy factions (and maybe swarming factions)?
  6. I love every model I've gotten from wyrd but I was confused on Ryle. His model is 2 heads shorter than a flesh construct. Here I was expecting the Hulk and I got Captain America. what makes him HT 3? Does he have a periscope?
  7. Since some have been receiving their pre-orders, I got a glimpse of the Warden model http://www.wyrd-games.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=6555 It looks like it's a single model for $18.00 MSRP. Comparing it to the Peacekeeper at $25.00 MSRP. So far, I have used up my minis budget (thanks to the Stormwall) and I only have room for around $30. My question is: Which Construct would you buy? The Warden or the Peacekeeper? A bit of a background: I have the C.Hoffman box and Ryle. That totals out my Construct crew. Sop does a 5SS $18.00 Warden beat the 9SS $25.00 Peacekeeper? Please provide reasons why you chose one over the other. Thanks!
  8. Okay guys, got a Hoffman question for you! I've been playing my Hoffman crew with both Ryle and the Soulstone Miner, ignoring the "A Crew can not contain models from more than one Special Forces group." in favour of Hoffman's "Arcanist Ties"? Maybe it's just the GW influence, but I read this as a "Codex Supercedes All" kind of situation? Arcanist Ties reads; "Crews containing this model may hire Arcanist Contructs without the Frozen Heart or Smoldering Heart Abilities" Hiring Ryle as my one type of "Special Forces" unit, the Miner still fits the requirements listed by Arcanist Ties. I'll refer to the Introduction of book one? "Breaking the Rules:Gameplay rules are intended to be understood when taken as a whole. They create the framework... blah blah blah... When a model's specific rule or ability contradicts these core rules, follow the specific rule rather than the core rules." Come on guys... I want to play with both in my list. I'm right... right?
  9. It took me a while, but I finally finished Lucius' crew box. Do you use all of the models in the box? The box is 26 ss, what would you replace in a 25 ss game? What will you add/replace for a 30 ss game? What schemes and strategies would work with the Lucius box? Any tactics? finally, here's Lucius and the gang (I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, etc): Lucius (I went with the British Redcoat officer theme - Inspired by this thread ) Lawyer (I made him look like a carnival performer (or carrot top)... no offense to real lawyers out there) Guild Guard Captain (with his movie poster pose) Guild Guard [female] (again, I went with the British Red Coats theme) Ryle (Made him as pale as I can and had his bandages still soaked with dried blood)
  10. Here's my painted Lucius crew: Lucius (I went with the British Redcoat officer theme - Inspired by this thread ) Lawyer (I made him look like a carnival performer (or carrot top)... no offense to real lawyers out there) Guild Guard Captain (with his movie poster pose) Guild Guard [female] (again, I went with the British Red Coats theme) Ryle (Made him as pale as I can and had his bandages still soaked with dried blood) I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, etc. Thank you!
  11. As Ryle is both living and a construct, is he subject to the 'fall back' effect from Coppelius's spell? (or is his 'living' status only considered for his 'Mechanized' talent?)
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